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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Natural ways to help lower your cholesterol

Natural ways to aid lower your cholesterol

Drink your way to health

Studies suggest that coriander seeds can aid lower the levels of bad cholesterol. In a pan, approximately roast two to 3 teaspoons of coriander seeds and grind later. Boil with 1 cup of water, strain and drink. Moreover, green tea without sugar can even help lower cholesterol levels and increase high-density lipo protein or good cholesterol. You can enjoy the advantages of either of these drinks twice daily.

Contain more vitamin C

Because it is an antioxidant, vitamin C aids increase good levels of cholesterol and triglycerides, while reducing the levels of bad cholesterol. You can snack on citrus fruits like  oranges, papayas, kiwis, grapefruits, etc. Moreover, studies claim that drinking three glasses of freshly prepared orange juice a day can aid lower the levels of bad cholesterol.

Improve intake of omega-3 fatty acids

Fulled with omega-3 fatty acids, fish aids reduce inflammation, decrease the levels of bad cholesterol and improve the good cholesterol. Mackerel, tuna, salmon, and sardines are all best sources of omega 3 fatty acids. Moreover, flaxseeds too are great sources of omega-3s fatty acids. You can either directly eat 2 tablespoons of flaxseeds or grind and add to your meals. Besides, you can also utilize flaxseed oil in your salads and daily cooking.

Embrace the goodness of a garlic and cinnamon

The health advantages of garlic have long been known. Containing two to 3 cloves of garlic in your daily cooking can aid reduce the harmful cholesterol from the body. Alternatively, add a punch to all meals by sprinkling few cinnamon powder into them. You can even add half a tablespoon of ground cinnamon to your morning cup of Joe.

Oatmeal for a breakfast

Oats are enriched with the soluble fibers, beta glucan, and aid reduce bad cholesterol. Eating 1 cup of oatmeal every morning is the best and simplest way to beating cholesterol. To up your health game, you can even contain freshly cut fruits like bananas, apples, kiwis, grapefruits, walnuts, almonds, etc.

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