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Saturday, October 1, 2022

4 Specialty Cafes You Must Visit In Mumbai

Four Specialty Cafes You Must Visit In Mumbai

1. Subko Coffee Roasters and Bake house

Aiming at making an Asian specialty coffee movement, Subko coffee source their coffee products from India itself. They are known to roast complex yet balanced coffee grown in different part of the country through several of their blends. They also bake their own breads like sourdough, cold brew and chocolates in collaboration with Mason & Co.

Where: The Bandra West

2. Bun & Only

Bun & Only is a gourmet burger destination for those whose like for burgers is insatiable. The menu is curated by Chef Gracian de Souza who has worked for over 18 years in the India and UK and is predominantly experienced in an European cuisine. The bestsellers here is the Portobello & Blue Cheese burger and several other vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties.

Where: The Santacruz West

3. Coco Cafe

Cococart’s new flagship store is now in the Mumbai. It even houses CocoCafe – a quaint bistro giving delicacies curated by Chef Karishma Sakhrani. Cocokart is the gatekeeper to world’s most popular chocolates and now is open to those craving for all thing decadent and chocolate-y. 

Where: The Fort

4. Pie & Co

Everyone likes a piece of pie and Mumbai has a new place to feast on this English delicacy. With pies for vegetarians and non-vegetarians, you have everything from a spinach and chilli pumpkin peanut to butter chicken and mutton kheema. You also have dessert pies, so you know where to get your next from!

Where: The Juhu & Bandra

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