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Friday, September 16, 2022

These five foods can make your arthritis pain worse

These five foods can make your an arthritis pain worse

Here are 5 foods and beverages to ignore if you have arthritis:

1. Foods high in a salt

Excess salt consumption on a daily basis has been linked to several health issues containing joint inflammation in a number of patients, mainly those who are suffering from arthritis. That’s why “It is recommended to ignore food with a high amounts of salt for people with arthritis. Some foods that are high in salt contain pizza, red meat, seafood, cheese, canned food, salted nuts, dry fish, etc which shouldn’t be a part of your diet or should be a consumed in moderation,” told Lakshmi.

2. Alcohol

Alcohol should be restricted, so call it a quits. Alcohol could have injurious effects in general as well, but people with arthritis should totally avoid consuming alcohol as it causes inflammation. “Chronic alcohol consumption even increases the danger of osteoarthritis,” said Lakshmi. If you still want to drink, drink seldom and in moderation only.

Along with alcohol, ignore tobacco because these products are really harmful to your overall health and cause serious ailments containing joint issues.

3. Added sugar

It is because of sugar-laden diets and a sedentary lifestyle that a lot of arthritis patients are even affected by obesity. “It is necessary to reduce your sugar intake if you have arthritis. Candy, sodas, ice creams, chocolates, and different other foods include high amounts of sugar, significantly increasing your danger of arthritis,” said Lakshmi.

So no matter what, limit your sugar intake if you want to ignore arthritis, joint pain, and obesity.

4. Inflammatory fats

Many types of fats such as omega 6 fatty acids, saturated fat, and trans fats should be ignored by arthritis patients. Lakshmi said, “Omega 6 fatty acids contain oils such as safflower, sunflower, and vegetable oil which may cause harm when consumed in excess. Saturated fats, containing meat, butter, and cheese should be consumed moderately.” Trans fats are known to improve bad cholesterol and raise inflammation levels therefore they should even be consumed in moderation.

5. Gluten

Gluten refers to a proteins in wheat, barley, and rye. It is recommended to consume gluten-free food as they decrease the risk of inflammation and ease arthritis symptoms. Instead of all these foods and beverages, promote a balanced diet, daily exercise, and a daily sleep schedule. Doing so can not only support maintain your bones and joints health but will even be grateful for overall health.

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