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Tuesday, September 13, 2022

How air pollution can affect your unborn baby’s health

How air pollution can affect your unborn baby’s health

How do unborn children get affected by air pollution?

The fetus gets oxygen via the placenta from the mother. Hence, exposure to air pollution, can lead to grave adverse effects such as higher infant mortality, lower birth weight, impaired lung development, increased later respiratory morbidity, and early alterations in immune development. It is even linked to longer-term breathing issues, like  asthma and allergies.

Even, there is evidence of the hostile impact of prenatal exposure to air pollution on maternal health as well. In the 1st trimester, if there is an exposure to pollution, there is an increased  danger of preeclampsia and high blood pressure in mothers. These complications can injury the mother and the unborn baby adversely and can require an early premature delivery.


People might not be able to control the levels of pollution around their house or workplace. However, easy strategies to protect — like  remaining indoors as much as possible, wearing a covering on the face when outdoors, and utilizing quality air filters — may decrease the harmful effects of air pollution on pregnancy.

Steps for protection against an air pollution:

  • Do not smoke inside a close space or permit  anyone else to do so. Ask person who smoke to change their clothes before entering the house.

  • Ignore going outside too much in polluted areas. Most local weather stations give reports on daily air quality, specifically in polluted regions.

  • Wear a face covering when exposure to pollution is unavoidable or when utilizing cleaning products or paint.

  • Install a high efficiency particulate air filter to decrease indoor air pollution.

  • Evacuate to a safer area when air quality is very dangerous, like  during a wildfire.

  • Talk to a medical professional about other tips to decrease the overall danger of pregnancy complications.

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