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Friday, September 16, 2022

Do you feel your mind is a too busy to meditate? An expert busts seven such meditation myths

Do you feel your mind is a too busy to meditate? An expert busts seven such meditation myths

Myths about meditation

1. Myth: My mind is a too busy to meditate

The person mind is always going to be busy, that’s its nature. On an average we have 20,000-50,000 thoughts in one day. Don’t let that stop you from a meditating. Don’t let anxiety keep you a away from it.

2. Myth: Meditation is a religious practice

Meditation is an ancient practice that transcends the all religions. Yes, all religions do mention few sort of meditation in their scriptures, but you don’t require to follow any particular religion to meditate.

3. Myth: If I meditate, I will be able to stop all my thoughts

Meditating is not about turning off your thoughts or a feelings. It’s about learning to observe them without any judgement or an attachment. You are easily watching your thoughts as a witness as they enter and exit.

4. Myth: To meditate, you have to sit for a long hours

Once you select a style of meditation that works best for you, as long as you remain consistent, the duration is an irrelevant.

5. Myth: You have to be in a Lotus pose /     Padmasana to meditate

As long as you are steady and comfortable, any pose is admissible. You could meditate on the floor, on a chair & also take support of some yoga props to support your posture.

6. Myth: I require to go to a yoga studio to meditate

Mediation can occur anywhere and anytime. It doesn’t need any special equipment or a studio set-up. Wherever you are, you can a meditate there .

7. Myth: Sleeping is General during meditation 

Meditation is not going off to a sleep. It is being very alert and aware, by remaining in the resent moment. Sleeping during the procedure is a sign of a dull mind and a tired body.

Advantages of meditation

* It supports to manage mental health

* Builds talents to deal with stress and anxiety

* Increases focus, attention and memory

* a Slows cellular aging

* Makes you more gentle  and loving

* Improves creativity and productivity

* Increases sleep quality

* Supports you develop a heightened sense of self-awareness

* Brings additional energy and vitality.

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