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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Decor Tips To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Decor Tips To Keep Your House Cool This Summer

Light Coloured Walls

Your walls reflect and radiate maximum light and heat, so go for milder tones in order to keep your home cool. You can choose for neutral tones or the classic white. You can even pick lighter tones of heavy colours such as soft grays, beige, powder pinks or aqua, depending on the colour palate of the space. If a solid heavy colour must be included , you can have it on a single accent wall as opposed to all over the room to keep it light, both in terms of the look and the heat.

Lighter Fabrics

Avoid utilizing leather in upholstery and opt for smoother fabrics that create the space cozy and comfortable to lounge in. Replace heavy rugs with those in natural fabrics such as jute or linen. Swap fur throw pillow cases for a cotton ones. These tips will support maintain the visual equilibrium in the room, along with the temperature equilibrium.


Be it any season or space, plants add life to a room such as no other element can. With their natural colour, plants add vibrancy to a space, and you can even elevate the mood depending on your selection of planters. Not to forget, plants increase air quality!

Large Windows

Now we know you can’t do much about the architecture or façade work of a your building, but it’s a fact that large windows can support in keeping rooms well ventilated. So, no matter what you’re stuck with, open the windows at the correct times of the day to benefit from sunlight while ignoring the harsh ultraviolet rays. Even ignore placing heavy furniture around the windows to promote ventilation.

Blinds And Curtains

  • Utilize sheers to block out unnecessary light and heat, and keep the room cool. Note that sunlight between 12 PM to 4 PM is scorching and is sure to create your space stuffy.

  • If the sun absolutely hurts you, you can go the old school route and choose for cane blinds. These blinds totally block out sun rays which supports bring down the indoor temperature. These do not make a complete black out but dim the mood a bit.

  • Choose for dark solid curtains to assure moderate temperatures in your space. These will keep the heat out and can be adjusted to bring in just the amount of light you want to let in. Several opt for black out curtains to totally block all the light from outside.

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