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Thursday, September 15, 2022

Beware of these side effects of having an excessive amla!

Beware of these side effects of having an excessive amla!

Who should not consume an amla?

1. Amla is not for a hypotension patient

Since amla is recognized for aiding hypertension, it has best abilities to lower and maintain blood pressure. But in case you are suffering from a hypotension, that is low blood pressure, it is advisable to ignore excess amla consumption and indulge in exercising to keep your blood pressure level maintained.

2. Amla is not for a low sugar

“Raw amla is even known for beneficiary properties as a house remedy to regulate diabetes due to  its rich fiber properties that can absorb the excess sugar. But if you are suffering from a low sugar (Hypoglycemia) or are on daily anti-diabetic medications, the case may not be the similar for you,” said Dr Batra. The wonder food can hamper the medications and even lower blood sugar to an extreme level.

Consuming too much amla can trigger these side effects, As per  Dr Batra:

1. Heart patients should be a careful

Amla can even lead to some negative reactions with certain medications. So, people who are suffering from a heart ailment must consult their doctor for amla’s consumption.

2. It can trigger acidity

The food is wealthy in vitamin C and a great source of ascorbic acid. Being acidic in nature, it can trigger acidity and cause irritation in the stomach for human  who have had a history of hyperacidity issues.

3. It can create stool hard

Amla is doubtless a known remedy for constipation because of  its rich fiber content. Nevertheless, excessive consumption can a harden the stool.

4. a Dehydration can occur

Amla has diuretic properties and improves urine production in the body. So, it may even lead to dehydration and weight loss in some cases. Hence, ladies who are pregnant should even be extra cautious while consuming amla.

5. It can lead to skin issues 

Being a diuretic means it supports in getting rid of toxins and waste from our bodies. But if this water loss is not replenished, dehydration may direct to loss of luster in the skin, thereby causing dryness and early ageing.

6. Hair fall can occur 

Excessive amla consumption even promotes scalp dryness, hair fall, itchiness, dandruff, and other scalp related issues too.

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