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Wednesday, September 14, 2022

7 signs you need to see psychologist and how to ready yourself for it

7 signs you need to see psychologist and how to ready yourself for it

Signs that show you need therapy

  • Feeling overwhelmed: This can happen sometimes, and it’s pretty normal. But if you feel like there are too many things to juggle at all times, so much so that you can’t rest at all. Then, it’s time to get some help. That’s because stress can really manifest in the form of various health issues. 

  • Fatigue: Again, feeling tired or fatigued sometimes is not an issue, but if this is what you feel all the time, then it’s a cause for concern. That’s because fatigue is almost always a by-product of a mental health issue, and in certain people, it can indicate depression. 

  • Constant feelings of anger and rage: If you get enraged and it carries on for long, then it means there’s some issue! For some, it could lead them to become violent and dangerous. 

  • Agoraphobia: The term agoraphobia conveys a fear of being in certain places and situations. This could make a person feel trapped. 

  • Lack of interest: If you find yourself losing interest in daily life, or in everything you enjoyed, it can indicate mental health issues like depression or anxiety. 

  • Hopelessness: You could feel demotivated from time to time, but if you feel there’s no motivation in anything you do, or you don’t look forward to the future, it’s a sign of depression or any other mental health condition.

  • Social withdrawal: There are many introverts who prefer spending time on their own, but if you feel troubled being around others or fear being with other people, then it’s time you consider a good psychologist. 

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