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Friday, September 30, 2022

Make Sure You Check These Off Your List Before Buying A Dishwasher

Make Sure You Check These Off Your List Before Buying A Dishwasher

Not All Utensils Are a Dishwasher-Safe

Indian households utilize an array of utensils that differ in material. They are not all dishwasher-secure as a dishwasher functions with hot water. Not all utensils such as plastics, aluminum, cast iron, or wood might get damaged when exposed to a high amount of heat. So, look for a dishwasher that checks off most, if not all of these materials to a lighten your load. 

Not every Dishwashers Are Have A Scrub Function

Even though dishwashers wash the utensils without having to do anything manually, there are still few things you will have to take care of, no matter how high-end the dishwasher is. It is recommended that huge pieces of leftover food be removed before stacking the utensils in the washer. For times when a utensil is burnt or has food stuck to the base, you should scrub the base a small before putting it into the dishwasher. The washer will utilize high-pressure water to clean dishes, but it might not be very impressive if something is stuck to the utensil. It might also clog your dishwasher.

Feature Specifications

There are a lot of dishwashers in the market, and their features and ability differ extensively. Brands have began making washers that cater more to the Indian household. Having said that, you require to look into the kind of utilize you want from your washer. The number of utensils that require to be washed every day, water filtration system, wash cycle, operating system, etc.

Dishwasher Necessary 

A dishwasher needs  a few washing essentials, like salts, rinse helps, and special detergents. These products are made particularly to the catered needs of a dishwasher’s mechanism, and it will need you to spend a specific amount every month to utilize your dishwasher. Few companies recommend particular products that suit their washers better, but there are many others you can choose from too.

Know-How To Maintain

Such as every other electrical appliance, a dishwasher even  requires maintenance. Confirm  you do not cause a blockage by letting leftover food settle in your washer. Keep in mind to clean the washer after utilize. This will even prevent moisture and microbes from settling. Remember that overloading the machine will harm it over time and not provide  you the desired cleaning.

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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Decor Tips To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Decor Tips To Keep Your House Cool This Summer

Light Coloured Walls

Your walls reflect and radiate maximum light and heat, so go for milder tones in order to keep your home cool. You can choose for neutral tones or the classic white. You can even pick lighter tones of heavy colours such as soft grays, beige, powder pinks or aqua, depending on the colour palate of the space. If a solid heavy colour must be included , you can have it on a single accent wall as opposed to all over the room to keep it light, both in terms of the look and the heat.

Lighter Fabrics

Avoid utilizing leather in upholstery and opt for smoother fabrics that create the space cozy and comfortable to lounge in. Replace heavy rugs with those in natural fabrics such as jute or linen. Swap fur throw pillow cases for a cotton ones. These tips will support maintain the visual equilibrium in the room, along with the temperature equilibrium.


Be it any season or space, plants add life to a room such as no other element can. With their natural colour, plants add vibrancy to a space, and you can even elevate the mood depending on your selection of planters. Not to forget, plants increase air quality!

Large Windows

Now we know you can’t do much about the architecture or façade work of a your building, but it’s a fact that large windows can support in keeping rooms well ventilated. So, no matter what you’re stuck with, open the windows at the correct times of the day to benefit from sunlight while ignoring the harsh ultraviolet rays. Even ignore placing heavy furniture around the windows to promote ventilation.

Blinds And Curtains

  • Utilize sheers to block out unnecessary light and heat, and keep the room cool. Note that sunlight between 12 PM to 4 PM is scorching and is sure to create your space stuffy.

  • If the sun absolutely hurts you, you can go the old school route and choose for cane blinds. These blinds totally block out sun rays which supports bring down the indoor temperature. These do not make a complete black out but dim the mood a bit.

  • Choose for dark solid curtains to assure moderate temperatures in your space. These will keep the heat out and can be adjusted to bring in just the amount of light you want to let in. Several opt for black out curtains to totally block all the light from outside.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

5 Uses Of Apple Cider Vinegar In Your Beauty Routine

5 Uses Of Apple Cider Vinegar In Your Beauty Routine

As A Toner: 

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is an astringent by nature and hence, it creates for a great toner. Easily dilute potent ACV with water in 1:1 ratio and transfer the mix into a spray bottle. You can spitz few on your skin directly or grab a cotton pad for closer application.

As A Scalp Clarifier: 

ACV is packed with an antibacterial and antifungal properties. Further, it even has exfoliative effects. Combining these features creates ACV a perfect cure for dirty scalps that even become breeding points for dandruff and sebum. Either rinse your scalp with the aforementioned mix or easily mix it in your shampoo to mask the peculiar smell.


As An Ingrown Hair Solution: 

With malic acid in it, ACV creates for a great exfoliant. Just such as glycolic acid, you can rub some ACV on your arms and legs; it sloughs away dead skin, detaining ingrown hair and bumps too, if you shave.

As A Spot Treatment: 

Much to your surprise, ACV can even work as a brilliant anti-acne agent. All you require to do is apply few with a Q-tip on the zit and let it do its magic overnight.


As A Hair Softener: 

Besides clarifying your scalp, ACV even has the potential to soften and smoothen your locks considerably. It includes the cuticles nicely and eases the mad texture in curly hair as well.

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Practise These Yoga Asanas To Lose Belly Fat

Practise These Yoga Asanas To Lose Belly Fat

Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)


Follow these steps:

  • Lie down on your a stomach.
  • Keep your foot together.
  • Place your a palms next to your shoulders with your elbows tucked in.
  • Breathe in and raise your upper body utilizing the support of your hands.
  • Breathe out and rest your a chin back on the floor.
  • Repeat 3 time.

Kapal Bhati (Skull-Shining Breath)

Follow these steps:

  • Sit down in a casual position with your legs crossed.
  • Close your eyes and a relax your shoulders.
  • Breathe in and expand your a chest.
  • Breathe out while creating forceful contractions in your abdominal muscles.

Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)

Follow these steps:

  • Lie down on your a stomach.
  • Keep your legs together and your hands by your side.
  • Bend your knees and hold the tip of your toes in a your hands.
  • Raise your upper and lower body off the floor a simultaneously.
  • Breathe in as a you do this.
  • Breathe out and return to the main position.
  • Repeat 3 time.

Kumbhakasana (Plank Pose)

Follow these steps:

  • Go down on a all fours.
  • Straighten a your legs behind you.
  • Keep your hands in line with your shoulders.
  • Confirm your body is in one straight line from head to toe.
  • Stay in this condition for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Vasisthasana (Side Plank Pose)

  • Go down on a all fours.
  • Straighten a your legs at the back.
  • Keep your hands in line with your shoulders.
  • Confirm  your body is in one straight line from head to toe.
  • Lift one arm off the floor.
  • Rotate your body to one side utilizing the support of the other hand.
  • Stay in this condition for 30 seconds to 1 minute.
  • Repeat on an other side.

Naukasana (Boat Pose)

Follow these steps:

  • Lie down a on your back.
  • Keep your legs together and your hands by your side.
  • Lift your hands and legs off the floor at the same time. This will naturally lift a your upper body slightly off the floor.
  • Confirm  you don’t bend your elbows and knees as you do this.
  • Stay in this condition for 30 seconds to a minute.

Ustrasana (Camel Pose)

Follow these steps:

  • Kneel down a on the floor.
  • Keep your knees in line with a your shoulders.
  • a Breathe in.
  • Breathe out as you bend backward and hold your toes in a your hands.
  • Stay in this condition for 30 seconds to a minute before coming back up.

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Monday, September 26, 2022

Food Changes For Moms-To-Be During The Monsoon season

Food Changes For Moms-To-Be During The Monsoon season 

Consume A nice-Balanced Diet

It’s very vital for pregnant women to eat a well-balanced diet to assure the optimal growth and development of the foetus and even to make sure the pregnancy is secure and healthy. Foods from different food groups like  cereals, vegetables, fruits, milk and milk products have to be a part of the daily diet to meet nutritional needs. Along with giving major nutrients like  carbohydrates, proteins and fats, these foods even provide micronutrients like vitamins and minerals that support in maintaining the body temperature to manage changes in the weather. 

Track Your a Fluid Intake

Because of  the moisture around, the intake of fluids might reduce, and, consequently, dehydration, headaches and constipation can be among the complications faced by a pregnant women. Consuming adequate fluids, which can contain water, fresh juices, tender coconut water and mainly warm liquids like  soups, porridges, milk and infused water  should be an necessary part of the daily diet.  A minimum of 2 to 3 litres of total fluid intake throughout the day is needed  to maintain the fluid balance. 


Pick Body-Warming Foods

Keeping your body warm and cosy during the monsoon season is always a challenge, more so while pregnancy. Foods needing more energy to break down are said to keep the body warm. Add natural spices, soups, porridges, lean meat, dry nuts, lentils, root vegetables and green leafy vegetables to your diet to support achieve this during the rains. 

Maintain a Hygiene

Don’t compromise on a food cleanliness. Eating unwashed fruits and vegetables, raw or half-boiled foods, or water from insecure sources might lead to complications like diarrhoea, vomiting, nausea or even more serious health problems.

Select Immunity-Boosting Foods

A strong immune system plays a chief part in ensuring a healthy and safe pregnancy. Foods rich in nutrients like  protein, vitamin C, zinc, selenium and other nutrients support to protect your body against infections. Citrus fruits, berries, bell peppers, mushrooms, dry nuts, spices, eggs, lean meats, pulses, legumes and other protein sources are well examples of immunity-boosting foods. Foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids like  nuts and seeds, fish and certain probiotics like  fermented foods help in increasing immunity along with keeping the body warm during the monsoon season.

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Saturday, September 24, 2022

Ever Tried utilizing Organic Loofah? This Expert Shares Some causes To Switch

Ever Tried utilizing Organic Loofah? This Expert Shares Some causes To Switch

Secure For Your Skin

Organic loofahs are created of all-natural, chemical-free substances. The majority of synthetic or plastic loofahs are available in several hues, although natural loofahs are frequently white or beige. This means that they include no harsh colors or chemicals. Therefore, organic loofahs are secure and gentler on the skin.

Long Lasting

Organic loofahs are more an environmentally friendly than synthetic ones. As they contain numerous chemicals and microplastics, they are not sustainable . Every 2 to 3 months, a synthetic loofah must be replaced since it after all tears. However, the natural components of organic loofahs create them more durable and long-lasting. Moreover , plastic ones wind up in landfills, generating extra pollution. Therefore, by utilizing an organic loofah, you are not only benefiting your skin, but you are even helping the environment.

Great Exfoliator

Organic loofahs include natural coarse materials, making them excellent exfoliants. If you have a callow, dry patch on your skin, it effectively exfoliates the top layer of a skin. They are more sustainable than artificial loofahs. They are multipurpose and far more effective than synthetic alternatives.

A Healthier choice For Your Skin

There are a big number of microorganisms on synthetic loofahs. When left wet after using, they form a breeding ground for germs that is harmful to the skin. Due to  these loofahs, you may suffer rashes, irritation, and acne. However, organic loofahs are comprised of natural fibre, which detains bacterial growth, and thus it is healthy for your skin. Switching to organic loofahs will increase your skin and have a positive effect on the environment.


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Friday, September 23, 2022

Building a believe circle in life: How to

Building a believe circle in life: How to

It’s not much tough to build your own trust circle!

It will be weird if you ask someone to be in your believe circle. Won’t it be? At first, it is vital to maintain a relationship with the people who are already in a your life and are helping you in many ways; let them know that you are there for them during the nice and bad times. Appear them that you care for them, be their supporting hand, stay in touch, and most vitally , be honest and admit your wrongdoing.

Trust yourself; before people trust you!

It’s vital to trust yourself first because if you don’t trust yourself, how would you expect other people to believe you? Being confident and feeling grounded will sup[port you to cultivate a good and strong sense of self-compassion. Being true to oneself and living by your individual values is the key to integrity.

Be open-minded and communicate freely 

Feeling confident that you are able to be open and honest is an vital way to build up trust. It is even important and required to be respectful and communicate freely.

Be attentive! Listen carefully! Understand well!

When you try listening to what the other people is telling you, it will depict that you are curious to know him, to understand him. This will support others to be more comfortable around you, and in no time, they will begin opening up to you.

Building blocks of believe!

Be reliable, reposeful, transparent, competent, sincere, authentic, vulnerable and open. All these qualities contribute a big amount to building a wall of trust. Do not lie; lying kills believe. Trust is built with time, so carefully heard and try to understand the other person. Make little commitments and fulfil them.

Believe is the glue of life; the necessary ingredient in effective communication. It is the platform which a holds all the relationships intact.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Everything You Need To Know About Kumkum Bhindi: The New Wonder Crop of Uttar Pradesh

Everything You Require To Know About  Kumkum Bhindi: The New Wonder Crop of the Uttar Pradesh


Nutritional value

As suggested by experts, the red lady finger has 94 %          polyunsaturated fat that supports reduce bad cholesterol. It includes 66 per cent sodium, which is valuable in controlling blood pressure and has 21% iron – a beneficial supplement for persons with Anemia. It further contains 5 % protein, keeping the metabolic system functioning well. Kumkum bhindi is even rich in the Vitamin B complex alongside crude fibre, and together they support in controlling sugar.

Cost of the red lady finger

If you wish to buy this variety of ladyfinger from the wholesale market, you will have to pay something between Rs. 45 to 80 per kilogram, as the cost varies with the demand and production. On the other hand, the cost of the conventional green variety will only cost you between Rs.12 to 15 per kilogram. The striking difference in price is largely accountable for people viewing it as a super-food.

The best season for cultivating Kumkum Bhindi

The best time for sowing this red variety of ladyfinger begins in February and lasts till the 2nd or 3rd week of April. One can even sow it sometime around November; however, it is necessary to note the growth rate in December and January will be comparably less, but you can expect the plants to bear crop from the February, and it will be obtainable till October or November. You can even get a good price for early crops.

From where should you buy seeds of Kumkum Bhindi?

You can search the seeds of this red variety of ladyfinger online. Look out for the seeds on e-commerce websites such as Amazon, Seed2plant, Indiamart, and Flipkart. Buy them online and harvest your own Kumkum bhindi at house.

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Common Public-Speaking Mistakes You Should Ignore That Can minimize Your Confidence

Common Public-Speaking Mistakes You Should Ignore That Can minimize Your Confidence

Your speech should not lack individual connection.

If the topic of your speech lacks individual connection, the audience will not care to engage or listen. The most helpful and pivotal approach to persuading the audience is to appeal to their emotions. Note that listeners love to get inspired by humor, stories, examples, and images – it will engage their right-brain actions. Then, employ left-brain data to Connect to your point, corroborating their feelings. By engaging your audience’s heart and both brains, you can put a long-lasting impression on them.

Eye contact is important 

From veterans to beginners, several speakers cannot maintain sustained and purposeful eye contact with their audience. The absence of appropriate eye contact may suggest disinterest, detachment, insincerity, shiftiness, arrogance, and insecurity. It is very vital to maintain eye contact for at least 2 to 3 seconds per listener or for as long as it takes to finish a sentence or phrase.

Your opening should not be level.

As a speaker, you can conquer hearts instantly with a brilliant introduction. But if your opening is level, your audience will lose interest. You may be an clever speaker with an engrossing topic but can still lose half your audience if your introduction does not sound appealing or strong. Perhaps, you require to focus more on the introduction, and engage your audience with a thought-encouraging question or intimidating statistics.

Not rehearsing.

Also expert presenters rehearse. You must know your topic nicely , organize the content, make a slide deck, and add footnotes. When you don’t practice your speech, you tend to create  mistakes, and the audience witnesses the unrefined a speech replete with “Uh” and “Um.”

Remember, filler words are the arch-nemesis of all public speaker. These words can create you seem unprofessional and unprepared during your presentation. But you can cure that with appropriate rehearsal.

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Sunday, September 18, 2022

Some Ways To Train a Your Dog For A Dog Show

Some Ways To Train a Your Dog For A Dog Show

Keep the paperwork concerned to your dog’s breed : Get it if you don’t have it

To participate in any a dog ​​show, you must have a certificate and proper knowledge about your dog’s breed, age, etc. Know if your dog is a purebred or mixed breed. The breed club or breeder from whom you purchased the dog must have issued a proper certificate regarding the breed and age of the dog. Only purebred dogs can participate in few dog shows. If your dog is a mixed breed, then you should look for a mixed breed a dog show.

Visit various dog shows : Learn what to do with a dog in the ring

More dog shows you see , the more you will know about how to train your dog. You require to have an idea of ​​how a dog show is run, how long the dogs have to exhibit, and what the judges want to watch. If you go there, you will have the opportunity to meet more dog owners. You can also know about any special training or course from there. Later you can even  send your dog for training under that organisation. This will provide you a proper idea of ​​the dog show which will support you prepare your dog for the show in future.

Learn about a gaiting, pacing, trotting: Exercise your dog

These are the different kinds of dog walks which are to be exhibited at dog shows. You can accustom your dog to these at house. It requires quite a bit of free space. Wrap your dog’s chain in your hand and hold the dog by a your side. Then keep them on the left side and run with him and notice his running attitude. Knowing and learning him by your hand signals basic gaits of gaiting and trotting.

Practice a hand stacking and a free stacking : Learn how to train stacking rightly

A Hand stacking and free stacking are stand positions. Your dog must stand in the right  hand stacking and free stacking positions in the dog show ring. A dog show has various hand stacking and free stacking guidelines for dogs of various breeds. Train your dog after appropriately knowing them. Arrange their legs in the right position according to the guidelines. Reward your dog for achieving the right position.

Teach your dog to walk behind: Utilize their favorite treats

Several  dogs​​ judges want to see the back walk. You should daily train your dog that way. Keep the dog’s loved treats in your hand and force them to come and go back. In this way, obtain them used to walking backwards for a long time. Prepare good so that they can detect any of your instructions. You can even watch and learn various training methods on YouTube.

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Friday, September 16, 2022

These five foods can make your arthritis pain worse

These five foods can make your an arthritis pain worse

Here are 5 foods and beverages to ignore if you have arthritis:

1. Foods high in a salt

Excess salt consumption on a daily basis has been linked to several health issues containing joint inflammation in a number of patients, mainly those who are suffering from arthritis. That’s why “It is recommended to ignore food with a high amounts of salt for people with arthritis. Some foods that are high in salt contain pizza, red meat, seafood, cheese, canned food, salted nuts, dry fish, etc which shouldn’t be a part of your diet or should be a consumed in moderation,” told Lakshmi.

2. Alcohol

Alcohol should be restricted, so call it a quits. Alcohol could have injurious effects in general as well, but people with arthritis should totally avoid consuming alcohol as it causes inflammation. “Chronic alcohol consumption even increases the danger of osteoarthritis,” said Lakshmi. If you still want to drink, drink seldom and in moderation only.

Along with alcohol, ignore tobacco because these products are really harmful to your overall health and cause serious ailments containing joint issues.

3. Added sugar

It is because of sugar-laden diets and a sedentary lifestyle that a lot of arthritis patients are even affected by obesity. “It is necessary to reduce your sugar intake if you have arthritis. Candy, sodas, ice creams, chocolates, and different other foods include high amounts of sugar, significantly increasing your danger of arthritis,” said Lakshmi.

So no matter what, limit your sugar intake if you want to ignore arthritis, joint pain, and obesity.

4. Inflammatory fats

Many types of fats such as omega 6 fatty acids, saturated fat, and trans fats should be ignored by arthritis patients. Lakshmi said, “Omega 6 fatty acids contain oils such as safflower, sunflower, and vegetable oil which may cause harm when consumed in excess. Saturated fats, containing meat, butter, and cheese should be consumed moderately.” Trans fats are known to improve bad cholesterol and raise inflammation levels therefore they should even be consumed in moderation.

5. Gluten

Gluten refers to a proteins in wheat, barley, and rye. It is recommended to consume gluten-free food as they decrease the risk of inflammation and ease arthritis symptoms. Instead of all these foods and beverages, promote a balanced diet, daily exercise, and a daily sleep schedule. Doing so can not only support maintain your bones and joints health but will even be grateful for overall health.

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Do you feel your mind is a too busy to meditate? An expert busts seven such meditation myths

Do you feel your mind is a too busy to meditate? An expert busts seven such meditation myths

Myths about meditation

1. Myth: My mind is a too busy to meditate

The person mind is always going to be busy, that’s its nature. On an average we have 20,000-50,000 thoughts in one day. Don’t let that stop you from a meditating. Don’t let anxiety keep you a away from it.

2. Myth: Meditation is a religious practice

Meditation is an ancient practice that transcends the all religions. Yes, all religions do mention few sort of meditation in their scriptures, but you don’t require to follow any particular religion to meditate.

3. Myth: If I meditate, I will be able to stop all my thoughts

Meditating is not about turning off your thoughts or a feelings. It’s about learning to observe them without any judgement or an attachment. You are easily watching your thoughts as a witness as they enter and exit.

4. Myth: To meditate, you have to sit for a long hours

Once you select a style of meditation that works best for you, as long as you remain consistent, the duration is an irrelevant.

5. Myth: You have to be in a Lotus pose /     Padmasana to meditate

As long as you are steady and comfortable, any pose is admissible. You could meditate on the floor, on a chair & also take support of some yoga props to support your posture.

6. Myth: I require to go to a yoga studio to meditate

Mediation can occur anywhere and anytime. It doesn’t need any special equipment or a studio set-up. Wherever you are, you can a meditate there .

7. Myth: Sleeping is General during meditation 

Meditation is not going off to a sleep. It is being very alert and aware, by remaining in the resent moment. Sleeping during the procedure is a sign of a dull mind and a tired body.

Advantages of meditation

* It supports to manage mental health

* Builds talents to deal with stress and anxiety

* Increases focus, attention and memory

* a Slows cellular aging

* Makes you more gentle  and loving

* Improves creativity and productivity

* Increases sleep quality

* Supports you develop a heightened sense of self-awareness

* Brings additional energy and vitality.

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Thursday, September 15, 2022

Beware of these side effects of having an excessive amla!

Beware of these side effects of having an excessive amla!

Who should not consume an amla?

1. Amla is not for a hypotension patient

Since amla is recognized for aiding hypertension, it has best abilities to lower and maintain blood pressure. But in case you are suffering from a hypotension, that is low blood pressure, it is advisable to ignore excess amla consumption and indulge in exercising to keep your blood pressure level maintained.

2. Amla is not for a low sugar

“Raw amla is even known for beneficiary properties as a house remedy to regulate diabetes due to  its rich fiber properties that can absorb the excess sugar. But if you are suffering from a low sugar (Hypoglycemia) or are on daily anti-diabetic medications, the case may not be the similar for you,” said Dr Batra. The wonder food can hamper the medications and even lower blood sugar to an extreme level.

Consuming too much amla can trigger these side effects, As per  Dr Batra:

1. Heart patients should be a careful

Amla can even lead to some negative reactions with certain medications. So, people who are suffering from a heart ailment must consult their doctor for amla’s consumption.

2. It can trigger acidity

The food is wealthy in vitamin C and a great source of ascorbic acid. Being acidic in nature, it can trigger acidity and cause irritation in the stomach for human  who have had a history of hyperacidity issues.

3. It can create stool hard

Amla is doubtless a known remedy for constipation because of  its rich fiber content. Nevertheless, excessive consumption can a harden the stool.

4. a Dehydration can occur

Amla has diuretic properties and improves urine production in the body. So, it may even lead to dehydration and weight loss in some cases. Hence, ladies who are pregnant should even be extra cautious while consuming amla.

5. It can lead to skin issues 

Being a diuretic means it supports in getting rid of toxins and waste from our bodies. But if this water loss is not replenished, dehydration may direct to loss of luster in the skin, thereby causing dryness and early ageing.

6. Hair fall can occur 

Excessive amla consumption even promotes scalp dryness, hair fall, itchiness, dandruff, and other scalp related issues too.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2022

7 signs you need to see psychologist and how to ready yourself for it

7 signs you need to see psychologist and how to ready yourself for it

Signs that show you need therapy

  • Feeling overwhelmed: This can happen sometimes, and it’s pretty normal. But if you feel like there are too many things to juggle at all times, so much so that you can’t rest at all. Then, it’s time to get some help. That’s because stress can really manifest in the form of various health issues. 

  • Fatigue: Again, feeling tired or fatigued sometimes is not an issue, but if this is what you feel all the time, then it’s a cause for concern. That’s because fatigue is almost always a by-product of a mental health issue, and in certain people, it can indicate depression. 

  • Constant feelings of anger and rage: If you get enraged and it carries on for long, then it means there’s some issue! For some, it could lead them to become violent and dangerous. 

  • Agoraphobia: The term agoraphobia conveys a fear of being in certain places and situations. This could make a person feel trapped. 

  • Lack of interest: If you find yourself losing interest in daily life, or in everything you enjoyed, it can indicate mental health issues like depression or anxiety. 

  • Hopelessness: You could feel demotivated from time to time, but if you feel there’s no motivation in anything you do, or you don’t look forward to the future, it’s a sign of depression or any other mental health condition.

  • Social withdrawal: There are many introverts who prefer spending time on their own, but if you feel troubled being around others or fear being with other people, then it’s time you consider a good psychologist. 

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Tuesday, September 13, 2022

How air pollution can affect your unborn baby’s health

How air pollution can affect your unborn baby’s health

How do unborn children get affected by air pollution?

The fetus gets oxygen via the placenta from the mother. Hence, exposure to air pollution, can lead to grave adverse effects such as higher infant mortality, lower birth weight, impaired lung development, increased later respiratory morbidity, and early alterations in immune development. It is even linked to longer-term breathing issues, like  asthma and allergies.

Even, there is evidence of the hostile impact of prenatal exposure to air pollution on maternal health as well. In the 1st trimester, if there is an exposure to pollution, there is an increased  danger of preeclampsia and high blood pressure in mothers. These complications can injury the mother and the unborn baby adversely and can require an early premature delivery.


People might not be able to control the levels of pollution around their house or workplace. However, easy strategies to protect — like  remaining indoors as much as possible, wearing a covering on the face when outdoors, and utilizing quality air filters — may decrease the harmful effects of air pollution on pregnancy.

Steps for protection against an air pollution:

  • Do not smoke inside a close space or permit  anyone else to do so. Ask person who smoke to change their clothes before entering the house.

  • Ignore going outside too much in polluted areas. Most local weather stations give reports on daily air quality, specifically in polluted regions.

  • Wear a face covering when exposure to pollution is unavoidable or when utilizing cleaning products or paint.

  • Install a high efficiency particulate air filter to decrease indoor air pollution.

  • Evacuate to a safer area when air quality is very dangerous, like  during a wildfire.

  • Talk to a medical professional about other tips to decrease the overall danger of pregnancy complications.

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As tomato fever scare spreads in India, here’s how to protect your children

As tomato fever scare spreads in India, here’s how to protect your children




What is tomato flu?


The name “tomato flu” has been arrived  from the fact that the blisters are generally  rounded and red in colour. Those who are affected  by it obtain  skin irritation, blisters, rashes, and dehydration. It is not yet known with credibility if its causative agent is connected to chikungunya, a viral infection, or dengue fever.



 Dr Kathwate tells, “Tomato flu is an infectious viral illness  that occurs because of  intestinal viruses and is commonly seen in children under five. Anyone afflicted by tomato flu will have to be kept in isolation as it is infectious.”


Adults, however, are even  prone to the illness. Usually, this illness  poses less of a threat, but in some cases, it may result in a brain fever, so it’s pivotal  to spot the illness early and get treatment.



 Here are a some  tips to tackle this infection



Kids  with tomato flu should bathe in cold water.


Apply a skin lotion after a bath to soothe a irritated skin.


Ignore  scratching the skin as the infection can spread.


Drink sufficient  water to stay hydrated. Boiled water is recommended.


Cleanliness and hygiene should be maintained around kids .


Keep a distance from the infected people.


Ignore  spicy and salty foods.


Take sufficient  rest throughout the day.


Follow the medication advised  by the doctor to bring the fever down.





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