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Saturday, June 11, 2022

Ranki Vav "Queen's Stepwell Amazing 360 View

Ranki Vav Queen's Stairwell great 360 View Video

Ranki Vav Queens Stairwell great 360 View. Atlas aims to be a community-driven resource to accurate map and collate details on stairwells, and by this to raise their profile and visibility and safeguard their future. Open 360° Ranki Vav Queen's Stairwell and movie files from local storage. It can load standard photos and movie.

Ranki Vav Queen's Stairwell are a very historic category of architecture that again and again combines both functional and great aesthetic properties. Wide introduction to stairwells and stepped water architecture can be searched in Wikipedia. Help Google photo Sphere and RICHO Theta and other Equirectangular format. (need 2:1 aspect ratio).

Major Stairwells are located in north and west India, whilst some stairwells have achieved wide visibility (such as the UNESCO World Heritage listed Rani ki Vav in Patan, Gujarat), many stairwells are sadly neglected and under warning of encroachment, damage or even complete collapse. 

you can experience live and recorded enjoying videos and you can create your happy moments memorable. best videos is an great, worthwhile and innovative 3d video player to play videos. You can see your pictures spheres from your device. picture  Spheres are full 360° Panorama Pictures introduced in Android 4.2 for Nexus devices but later on became obtainable for other devices too.

રાણકીવાવ Amazing VIDEO LINK HERE

Gyro sensor rotation and Fish eye viewing obtainable 3D Stereo format (side-by-side and over-under). Obtainable Google cardboard and other any head mounted describe for phone.

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