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Monday, May 2, 2022

top 10 best photo and data recovery app for android

Best 10 best photo and data recovery app for the android 

1. EaseUS MobiSaver

mobisaver android file recovery without root

 is one of  most simple Android data recovery apps for recover files without the root. With the this app, you can recover lost photos, audio, videos, contact, messages, App backup and conversations from both the phone’s internal memory and external card.

Important Features:

Backup messages & call log.

Recover Photos & videos on  Android SD card.

Improve the device’s scan performance lost data.

2. Dumpster Android App

Dumpster Android data

If you just bought a new phone,  should install this app  away.  app acts like the recycle bin and help you to recover files in Android. Keep in mind that   only recover the files that get deleted after  installation.

Important feature:

support  your Android app and media files 

Recover important files and recently deleted 

No Internet connection  

No need  root your 

Back up photo and videos  cloud 

3. photo recovery

As you can guess from it name, the  recovery app recover deleted photos from your Android storage. In case of accidental deletion  format, the software perfectly for finding out deleted photo from internal memory and SD card.

Important Feature:

It supports the upload of your recovered data  Cloud storage like Google Drive and Dropbox.

Without root, the app will perform a “limited” scan  your deleted photos by searching your cache and thumbnail.

With root, the app will search all  your device’s memory  any trace of photos,  well as videos!

4. image recovery

 Image Recovery is another powerful recovery tool that searches your internal storage and SD card for deleted images and recover  again easily. This Android data recovery app look into each folder contains pictures from a specific location. check them one  one looking for your photo.

Important Feature:

Scan internal memory SD Card.

Simple and Fast

No need  root the phone.

Restore all images type: 

5. recovery software

 is a product from  popular software company. It is a approved data recovery app for the Android smartphone. You can easily recover photo, videos, contact, messages, note, call logs, and more without rooting the phone. The app can recover photos and videos the cache, , and internal memory.

Important Feature:

Recover photos, videos, the Android device’s internal and external memory.

Move the photos and videos  the Recycle Bin when you delete them, you can them anytime you want.

6. android file recovery

Data Recovery software supply you a full Android files recovery solution without the asking  root access. The software make it possible  Android users to recover lost  deleted Android document, photos, audio, video, text messages, and contact from Android SD card  internal memory without root.

Important Feature:

Preview details of  contact, photo, and documents, and more before recovery.

Recover and export lost contacts in , HTML, and  format to PC.

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