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Monday, May 2, 2022

best credit card in india with no annual fee

Top credit card in India with the no annual fee 

1. HSBC Visa Platinum credit card

the HSBC Visa credit card yields benefit that extend beyond the no annual fee incentive. if you frequently swipe a card for travelling, dining,  online shopping purposes, this is just the right card  you. 

as part of their welcome , the bank offers an Amazon token worth ₹500 on a deal starting ₹500 within 30 days of card allotment . if you're shopping and networking buff, it's expected that you'll make at least 5 transaction in two month. in this case, the bank offer  generous 10% cashback (up to ₹2,000) on ₹10,000 and more. 

that's not all. for movie enthusiasts who resist the theatre aura, the salted popcorn, and the chilly soda,offers vouchers worth ₹500 on ₹50,000 spent  (₹3,000 per cardholder per year). 

2.  Fortune Gold card

primarily structured  Indian entrepreneurial community,  Fortune Gold credit card is a zero annual fee and interest-free cash withdrawal card,  feature that are difficult to turn down. 

sign up for the Fortune Gold card  the following benefit: 

cash withdrawal permitted up to 50%  the credit limit

fuel surcharge waiver  transaction between ₹500-₹3,000

4 free  token (applicable for the 3 months) or ₹750 Cashback  through ₹1,50,000 per year

on account of theft, claim insurance opposition ₹50,000 against misuse up to

outstation cheque processing fee, charge slip request, machine surcharge at   waived

3. Axis Bank  Easy credit card

 Axis Bank I Easy credit card is a 0 annual fee - 0 joining fee credit card for individuals having a minimum fixed deposit (FD) of ₹20,000  Axis Bank. 

let's look at their offering: 

100% cash withdrawal permitted up to credit limit

set your own credit limit, with the maximum touching 80% of  FD limit

1% fuel surcharge waiver on fuel transaction between ₹400-₹4,000

15% dining discounts at select restaurant

in case of theft , the bank relieve the card with replacement fee. these credit card benefit and protection work best for first-time users (18+) with  credit histories.


Unnati, meaning , is what SBI promote with their credit card offering. offering  4-year zero annual fee,  has taken extra steps to make this card activity as a  mode of payment. 

SBI Card Unnati has following features:

earn 1 Reward on every ₹100

1% fuel surcharge waiver for transactions ₹500-₹3,000

spend ₹50,000 annually and  ₹500 cashback

make any purchase above ₹2,500 using  card unlock the opportunity of converting credit card transactions into  

the bank offers a 25 day interest-free period on retail purchases along with the option to withdraw cash up to 80% of the total credit limit

the card is issued on one eligibility: hold an FD   worth ₹25,000 or more.

5. ICICI Bank Platinum Chip credit card

the ICICI Bank Platinum Chip credit card  best suited for individual who step out occasionally for recreation wining and dining. leveraging upon its 0 joining  annual fees policy, this card offer the following advantage: 

avail 15% discount on 2500 restaurants operating  12 major cities with the  Bank culinary treats programme

1% fuel surcharge waiver (maximum ₹4000) at  pump

2 payback point on the every ₹100 deal purchase (minus fuel)

earn 1 payback point on every ₹100 spent on  insurance purchases

enhanced embedded microchip security  against counterfeiting 

eligibility: age 23+

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