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Thursday, April 28, 2022

world's all big temple live darshan

   world's all big temple live darshan    


Hinduism is a religion of faith.  The Hindu people  religious and patriotic people.  Here you  do live  of various famous Hindu temple of the world.  There are many famous temple in the world with  the faith of Hinduism is associated.   people of India worship in world famous temples and maintain  religion.  

Indian culture is a culture of architecture art.  There  many Hindu king during the Indian rule and Hinduism was propagated in many part of the world.  During the reign Hindu king, their rule was seen all over the world.  During this reign he established many Hindu temple in many part of world.  These temple are still world famous for their planning and art.  People from many of the world are still coming to see the world famous temple diffuse all over the world.  Various temples of different sect  Hinduism are scattered in many corner of the world.The root of religious faith in the world are very deep.  The belief of  people are connected with the temple. 

There are many world famous temple in world which everyone has a dream to visit.  View of world famous temple from all over the world are easily available of Hindu religion go to all corner of the world and visit world famous temples.  Many god and goddesses are   these temples.  today, many such world famous temple have been visited by many people of Hinduism. 




MahaKaleswar Jyotirlinga Temple – Ujjain

Sai Baba – Shirdi

Somnath Jyotirlinga Temple – Gujarat

Shreemant Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati Temple – Pune

Shri Omkareshwar Jyotirlinga Temple

Shri Govind Devji 

Shri Tulaja Bhavani 

Shri Harsiddhi Maa – Ujjain

Shri Vitthal Rukamani Mandir Pandharpur

Shri  Saragpur Hanumanji

Shri Mahalaxmi (Ambabai) Temple – Kolhapur 

Unjha Umiya Temple

Jyotiba Kolhapur

In Hindu temples,  are offered according  time.  There is a belief Hinduism that in the same way that human beings need everything, also sleep, wakes up, eat and at the same time performs welfare activities for the people.  Many world famous temple visited  seeking the blessing of God.  The world famous temple listed here include a number of temple that allow people to visit such  famous temple from the comfort of their own homes.People must visit the temple with which they are associated  various  are many world famous temple in the world that are also historically connected with the people.  


Sri Selva Facebook Temple


Richmond Hill Canada

The faith of the people  equally connected with such historical and world famous temple  the world.The design and art of the world's most famous temples been done by many architects and sculptors who are unimaginable.  Whenever you visit   world famous temple, you too will a wonderful experience seeing the architecture of this temple. 

Main Hindu Temple

Through this blog, the benefit  visiting the world famous temple established in the world can be taken from home. 

United Kingdom

Hindu Temple Soc. Coventry UK


There are many religious  devout people who cannot visit such famous temples of the world due to economic or any other reason.


  Through this blog, people who cannot visit world famous temple any reason can get the benefit of live and even if they are at home, they can watch live world famous  with just one click.

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