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Thursday, April 28, 2022

Download Birth/Death Certificate online in Gujarat –

Download Birth/Death Certificate online in Gujarat 

Download Birth Certificate Gujarat | birth/death certificate Gujarat | obtain birth/death certificate online in Gujarat .
Gujarat Government and eolakh portal for download birth or death certificate online  Any Gujarat native can request online for birth certificate  this portal Department is registering Birth and Death which take place in area within the jurisdiction of Gujarat and issue the certificate to the candidate . who wish to Download or of birth certificate online they follow below procedure.

Now day Gujarat Government created simple to work online, no require to visit any zone office for birth certificate. Citizen can obtain more certified computerized copy  from any town Civic Center after giving 10 Rs. per copy. You must require register your child birth within 20 day to 30 day.

Download Birth/Death certificate online in Gujarat

Now day all government services simple utilize and without visit  any office because all service work online you know basic internet using then simple to use all government services. this certificate not need any signature.

How to Download Birth certificate  online in  throuhg  in  Gujarat   ?

If your your Child birth certificate lost then you wish to request  new certificate in Gujarat please follow below procedure .

First require to visit  Gujarat  and government official website  click on the “Download Certificate”.

eolakh birth certificate download Gujarat

Now open new page and scroll down, show download birth box and the  choose birth option. now enter your information like  mobile number and year. Enter all information after Click on search data button and view your name below list of download Birth certificate.

How to Download Death certificate in Gujarat ?

Any one wish to download death certificate of  First require to visit eolakh of Gujarat government official website. This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is eolakh-birth-certificate-download.png

Now open new page and scroll down, view download Certificate box and choose Death options. now enter your information like  mobile number and year. if you do not know application number of and  then choose mobile number option.

Office website 

Download Certificate

Enter all information after and  Click on find data button of view your name under  list and download Death certificate.

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