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Friday, April 29, 2022

A useful application to find out hoe much your mobile screen damage your eyes

This is a helpful app for determining how much your smartphone screen is harming your eyes.

1. f.lux \

You'll need f.lux if you can't stop scrolling before. The amount of blue light emitted from your screen changes depending on the time of day—crisp bright in the morning, reddish, golden hue in the evening. It's a clever way to make you asleep while you're still staring at a computer screen. (Apple iPhone/iPad, Mac, Windows, Linux)

2. Twilight

You haven't yet purchased an iPhone? Twilight by f.lux will change the colour of the light emitted from your smartphone depending on the time of day in your area. (Android)


Increase the colour saturation of your screen. Instead of using your local sunrise cycle to modify brightness, it uses your computer's webcam to record data about your current light environment and adjusts your brightness accordingly. (Linux, Mac, and Windows)


This Chrome addon is an excellent tool for adhering to the 20-20 rule. The application will remind you to stare at something 20 feet away for 20 minutes every 30 minutes, and it will also prompt you to complete eye exercises in each break. (Chrome)

5. Time Out

Time Out for those of us who are stuck at our desks all day. The software will fade your screen every hour and every ten minutes to offer you a 20-minute rest and a -second respite. It's even possible to customise the app to play relaxing music throughout each break. And don't worry, workaholic; if you're interrupted, you can always skip a break.


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6. Ergonomics

Forget about your physique stretches and even periodic adjustments to your computer set-up now that you've got your eyes in tip-top form. Stretch yourself out for a more relaxed self. (iOS)

7. iReader

With the overabundance of busy ads and full-screen photographs, visiting a wan might feel like you've wandered into Time Square. is a browser extension that removes all of the clutter (including those annoying talking commercials) and leaves you with only the text.

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