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Sunday, July 25, 2021


Contacts - Criteria / parameters to be considered while compiling lcr The method and characteristics of the teaching / moment method and technology  Need to use?  In some cases, it is not even necessary to use this assumed 1-T of the content, as an anthrax, when teaching food insurance from a tiffin box or at a mid-day meal at school instead of eating images of porridge bags.

  In the same way, while teaching plant gardening, the child should be shown the real plant and the plants should be ruptured (leaves, twigs, links, roots, etc.) and given a verbal experience, the skill of sowing seeds in a vessel, bottle glass.  

Providing sunlight, observing and observing the whole process of germination and passing on the experience of the seed-to-seed journey This type of basic education will be memorable for a PY at a high rate, which cannot be lined up using any PPT, video and multimedia. 

 Extermination of wildlife and caddis is a regular sight but the bite of the haraam deed is nick and nick and illegal so, to show the children a vasak dissection based on matimodia kisko pa is a better option some cases bomo, poison  It is also important to choose the right medium or technology based on the nature of the subject matter.

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