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Thursday, July 29, 2021


  In the village, in the village, there is a woman named Iets youtyus / ythmcaq_wah / Younyuts / 1yXRv3.mulA who has said that you will think of different methods. 

 How can a child be put to death for meditation?  CT cess and media can be effective only when poisoning and crocodile - "Patrapati is adjusted, for example, if it is a matter of the gym or himself and the substance of the substance, then he can adopt a method of reference. 

One of these methods is demonstration and  The rate of comparison and contradiction can be explained by bringing the talking and giving elements of water res. Nad and comparing and contrasting. 

It can define the given and non-metallic element by giving and giving the definition of given elements by examples and non-examples,page stapler pin.  

E.g., plastic spoons, wooden boxes, etc., to show in the female class, its properties to be obtained and obtained at the required time, contrast (e.g., nature conductor of electricity) and non-essential (shapes, colors) metals  Define metals based on observation characteristics. 

Give more examples of metals based on gags (e.g. iron, copper), non-examples (e.g. te razek wood) and counter examples (e.g. Mercury), / 5 Activity-4  Yes activity each depending on the topics selected in it  Identify the right gem husband from the educational card for the subject.  Explore the opportunity to choose that method of teaching.

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