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Sunday, July 4, 2021

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 Why do you think Rhea agreed to remember this time?Why did Ami mail me?  Aid to explain: Friendly relationships can have positive and negative dimensions.Comes to maintain positivity in such passages and strengths / weaknesses. 

 Adolescents, their parents and teachers need to be more in touch so that they can rate each other's anxieties and understand each other better.  It is very important for adults to create a healthy, healthy, honest and sensible / mature model to express emotions. 

Prejudices and ignorance are sometimes harmful and ineffective commercial products to children claiming to speed up the growing process, are drawn towards it.  Kettle products, for example, claim to greatly increase height and muscle mass without any additional input into diet and exercise. 

 Similarly advertisements for cosmetics and beauty parlors reinforce prejudice and emphasize 'physical appearance'.  It is important to control / cope with all such prejudices and pressures that lead to anxiety, inadequacy and low self-esteem and be confident about who you are and what you look like. 

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 Or how can a seed express a person without maktha?  He should learn.  Questions for contemplation: Yes.  What kind of physical changes do girls and boys experience with age?  Do all children undergo physical changes at the same time?  What should we do if we notice a change in our body?  Change in boys and girls Give the participants a piece of paper and ask them to draw the table below or draw it in a notebook.  106

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