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Thursday, July 29, 2021

PA PA Pagali Project 2021 – Download Official Circular For Details

 Dimension 4: Technology / Device / E-Content Appropriate er (1 page can be selected according to the type of antithesis of the case and in the adoption according to the suitability of the Avalley husband, bhumushan reality jacil; prayau Tr HD Triofyo  For the same purpose as in the case of a class deficiency situation, 

which is the same as in the case of Sarta OP Kaya Teva Meti [, jEI tax], for the purpose of inspecting Bipo's Poryo (5th way and its properties and hitting it).  

Simulation can be used. Slide pagination - Defining the elements and non-metals and giving examples in rative activity () - Don't miss out on the given projects that are metals and metals.  

For me to classify them and get the definition of metals and non-metals (see BSF interactive content on htriy Pras gov, in). Study - It is up to the teacher to use the right DT tool based on the method of teaching. 

It is also important to understand that one  Introduction to the teacher content, explanation, summary, purpose based ICT media  It can also select resources.  

Thus it is also necessary to test the capability of each method and how the choice of ICT device / media corresponding to the method of teaching can be rooted in it, many innovative methods / approaches such as Glapped Class-1 Clasa), R. Blau (Blended Learning).  

Hall Quigi (Peer Leaming) 4513 Guals is made to extend the experience of reading.  E - Content or opportunity), the following parameters to be considered by teachers when selecting tools / devices.  M |  Maa Paa;  Attribute age group.  Foreknowledge, social and cultural background, style of decay.  Shah Lift will go demographic information. 

 On the subject of rapid development, capacity level, social development;  Chi butchery, relevance, content, coverage, pairing with advanced curriculum n, etc.  Communication, free from bias.  

All methods of assessment related to local needs, learner functionality etc.  Aesthetics, Inspiration, Innovative / Creative, Characters, Effects.  Presentation compatibility in media elements, part and organization, relevance of learner with special needs Gender equality, multiculturalism, etc. 

PA PA Pagali Project 2021

 PA PA Pagali Project 2021

 Free from technical hurdles, quality of audio Vishnu Al, easy intercom license, etc., administration cost, delivery method, assistance, services, trainings, maintenance, infrastructure 1 138} 1 2 4 ૬ 6

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