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Saturday, July 3, 2021

Matter of planning periodical assessment test for students of standard 3 to 8 in the month of July

 Physical health is one aspect of perfect breathing!  I want to get rid of my rap.  Is.  Awareness of physical health requires awareness of physical fitness (Q Kas. Physical fitness and what not to do, etc.). • Social health includes the ability to communicate well with another person for personal satisfaction. 

The ability to maintain personal relationships with the team.  Healthy Jains include controlling and managing lagiri and experiencing this.

A person can become emotionally healthy only when he has good feelings ૨ cultivates mental health and well-being - a state of well-being in which one experiences one's abilities.General stresses of life  Can cope, as well as work well and be able to contribute to the community. "(WHO), mental well-being Daily life can affect a relationship. Physical well-being  Mental health is a person's ability to enjoy life. 

It involves striking a balance between life's activities and efforts to achieve mental resilience.Fear, guilt, panic and shame, helplessness, doubt, thus - confusion in distress.  Loneliness, sadness and anger are included. 

 These are the stages where one can face a challenge or stress or find a solution and become positive or need help / assistance.  One can get rid of painful feelings in many ways.  For example, slapping in academic performance, excessive anger or misbehavior.  

Illness or disorder is a condition with a persistent condition, when the problem lasts for a long time, the person shows some signs like difficulty in sleeping and eating, suicidal ideation, increase in anti-social attitude, physical symptoms of anxiety.  Shows symptoms such as substance abuse, aggressive behavior, etc.  Mental illness or disorders need to be treated by a professional. 

This situation is constantly changing.  Depending on the circumstances that a person may face at different levels of his life he or she may face different times of his or her own life?  That is, their ability to manage and overcome their distress depends on their physical, maternal, social and intellectual health.  



Let's have a discussion after that.  Physical development Physical development of children is one of the important components of health.  Meet the participants Think and write about all the changes they have noticed in their childhood (when they were “years old and observed in close and dear siblings.?).

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