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Friday, July 2, 2021


 What do you do for a living?  Enjoy the reason that it becomes possible to destroy the father.  

Find out why the card is an arc for P. Shri.  How do you kill Kariyad in Valawala Kho UP Paho Dhawa?  Who can do hair.  12 If the same can be done on a three-point, scale, in the east, from the 5th run of the 5th to the 1st of the 5th run of the 5th run.  With the help of 2

  There is 1 need to make the post a new pro;  Organizing and collecting information in a systematic and systematic manner and playing the role of Ajit.  To do.  યોગ્ય Interpret Kinney in general terms.  Archive can store SH layers of information.  R 2492 Report Writing.  

But when preparing the presentation report and preparing the whole affair, be sure to present the presentation confidently and in a self-confident manner.  

The child should get a lot of guidance from the teacher for a given activity or result. 

Interactive Quiz For Learn Hindi Easily. 

हिन्दी सीखे । 

व्यंजन क से ज्ञ । 

स्वर सीखे । 

गीनती १  से २०  

गीनती २१  से ३० 

गीनती ३१ से ४० 

गीनती ४१ से ५० 

"यह ...  है ।"  वाक्य बनाए ।

 ये ... हैं ।  वाक्य बनाए ।

एकवचन - बहुवचन एँ वाले शब्दों।

वचन बदले । 

अकारांत स्त्रीलिंग शब्दों में ‘अ’ के स्थान पर " ऐं " लगाने से बहुवचन बनाए । 

बहुवचन बनाइए । सभी तरह के ।  भाग : १ 

बहुवचन बनाए । भाग : २

स्त्रीलिंग शब्दों के अंत में आए ”आ के साथ एँ ” जोड़कर बहुवचन बनाए 

लिंग परिवर्तन कीजिए।

 Kanka?  - The child works with appropriate response and guidance for a given activity or outcome Level 3 - The child sometimes acts independently with guidance for a given activity or outcome, providing an important opportunity for both learning and values.  It can also be a long time for that.  In addition, the village of Anta may not be confined to a school or classroom but may be related to the home. 

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