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Friday, July 2, 2021

July School Time Latest News

 In EL 1, the water conjunction will be estimated from 2 to 12 Key 1 will be 8 m on the theme of Mina Mi Dwan in your area.  Surveyed at least 15 per cent of the paddy.  

What do you do for a living?  I have studied it or in the original, what kind of aggression is there in the city, mind or what kind of aggression, what kind of skills and what kind of activity can I do?  Is it possible  Make a list of study findings.  

Create criteria for group activities and evaluation for different subjects based on study outcomes.  7. What is U RUBRIC?  The set of fourteen standards set to evaluate the work of the students is prepared by the students and teachers together.  And the RUER of evaluation snakes has more acceptance and flexibility.

  Appropriate and regular use of RUBRIC, timely feedback motivates students to think logically, improve learning method, discuss in groups. 


Achievement criteria in all types of student work, written or oral, have four dimensions 1 Exercise 2. HE'S 3. Dimension ૨  Dimensions of criteria (to create a question with the help of yourself or others, to gather information.) 84

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