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Sunday, July 4, 2021


 Rady 3 Traditional Body Impressions Shaini and her friends were preparing for the school's anniversary in the seventh grade.  He-pa was very excited, Shalini took part in classical dance.  

While her classmates Anita Bane were in the 6th play.  One day Anita told her jokingly, "You are very calm, you will need extra light to see you on stage.  "Shalini didn't answer. Farah felt bad for Lini and told her," You dance very nicely.  

Why don't you use fairness creams to get a good color?  "If you have a good color, do you imagine that you will look good on stage?"  Shalini laughs and says, "Farah, thank you. I appreciate your concern but I am very happy with the way I am. My teacher and I are working hard on my dance practice and I am confident that our efforts and your best wishes are good.  

Poono: What do you think of Anita's comment about Shalini?  તમને Do you think Farah's comment is based on false stereotype. Or is it based on facts? Explain / describe your answer. • Does Shalini's reaction indicate that she has a positive or negative image?

Do you think Shalini is a mature person with a positive style of communication? Case Study-4: Friendship and Bullying Sujit and Manoj were buying a music CD from a shop outside Rai's door when they saw Shar walking home.  He was threatened for money to buy a ladder. 

Riser Dey refused because about a year ago when he joined the school in Std-9. They were often forced to give him money from the four. 

 The two then pushed Sharad until he fell, and then snatched his money and ran away. Sharad's class teacher, who was returning home, saw him lying on the ground and helped him to stand up.  Did not disclose how Pout was injured  It happened.  The next day Abid J was Sharad’s classmate, and witnessed this whole incident.  


He (Abid) asked the teacher to complain, Sharad hesitated, but when Khabad asked him to accompany him to the education room, Sharad agreed.  - Year Poono: • Do you think that Sharad has been against those who have been arrogant for so long.  Why not complain 105

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