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Saturday, July 24, 2021

Gujarati Boy and Baby Name List: Wonderful programme

 Kya jaane dhakman panma ni shala thi je j pani pive ke  Those riches, Maya herself and the water of gold  The father can also do if the main party called Kam can do 12 and if the number goes up, I will pay the tax tax through the I & Fay to put me in a hurry. 

Modai and my Kanekanani |  Mother has spoken.  , Palm pe k gha zand ilk darim for javanu tha bane majmi.  Mati lok bana ૨ ma  ma meladi na na 15) dhana ismosh pumpo y me kim # 8 ma vi thi mara * makya aur 1.0 sa ke khoor khan na khadha hathwa [javo maa jiva par je te shak ha  Vote in silence.  Dummy Kfl on guardian.

INTRODUCTION: It is a fact that no two people are alike, and the method of feeding the key to each child PRO is also different.  I am also aware that Khinar is more than one  If taught using Kinjwe it is well #fl khi #ih. 

 In general, learning is adopted in order to improve the teaching-learning process, which is visual, poetic, empirical and central (listening, watching.  Study - Teaching materials such as pie pancakes, experiences given inside and outside the four walls of a local home.  Learning plays an important part in the teaching process.  In addition, we must ensure that every child can self-study, become independent thinkers, become thoughtful and creative, thinkers and solve problems.  Data collection, analysis for the baby for this monster. 

 There is a need to present concise information while exchanging information with others.  This is the process that helps the child develop the concept.  The concept of information helps the child to gain experiences outside of the textbook and make the most of digital and physical resources.  


તમામ અક્ષર પરથી નવા નામ નુ લિસ્ટ જોવા અહિ ક્લિક કરો

Here ICT plays a crucial role in the teaching-learning process. In a very short period of time, ICT has become the cornerstone of modern society.  At present, the understanding of iCT and mastery of its basic skills has become the core of the learning process in addition to reading, writing, arithmetic.  Concept of ICT: ICT INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY) - with ICT - 1 |  Understanding the concept.  What is ICT?  Presented your thoughts on it, what is ICT?  130

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