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Thursday, July 1, 2021

Good news for central employees, 4% increase in DA announced this month!

 Observe and note Kutti Prakash Peech Harvest Remy facility on 1st Std.  Ma thi than praka ma hai bhagne na kap swath  p pu the thava pamalma b vidyartiyon pehkan) raju thi pat)   can type is need to fill;  Hair medicine fb believe that you can get it?  ના Air circulation testing is working behind the scenes - Is there a story available for ventilation air circulation in your year?  .  There are doors / windows in the class. What is the number of ventilators? 

  Do they live in a bap or do they come in open?  What is the location of doors / windows / ventilators?  Are there doors on the same wall?  Are the windows, ventilators on the walls in front of the door?  Is the weightletter too deep / close to the ceiling?  Hygiene check Is there rubbish in Rida?  * Who cleans uprooted? 

How often is the wood cleaned?  કોઈ Is any part of the room wet?  Is there a trash can in the classroom?  Verification of provisions for students with special needs - 

Are students or staff in the school with special needs?  If yes, have structural changes been made in the school to cater to their developmental needs?  

Are there ramps or wheelchairs for transportation?  છે Is there a need-based toilet arrangement for people with special needs?  Are school benches, benches and furniture suitable for their needs?  Thinking, contemplating and following: Why not clean the classroom?  What students and staff eat to keep them clean 82

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