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Sunday, July 4, 2021


 (Note: Such changes are discussed in detail in Std. 9 science subjects.) Not all children grow at the same pace (physical as well as BP), there are myths and misconceptions about growth.  

Growth-based myths and misconceptions: Activity-2 Growth group - effectiveness and gender-based myths and misconceptions.  Growing up with the following case studies, peer-assisted children helped them clarify the ongoing chic myths and misconceptions.  

Case Study-1 Difference in development and growth Rakesh and Mihir are going home together from school.  Rakesh starts teasing Mihir saying that Mihir's voice is like a girl's.  Even on the fact that Mihir does not have hair on his lips, he laughed, Rakesh said, if I am a man.  

My voice is heavy and my face is like a man. I have a lot of hair on my face.  My father calls me Sher, this makes Mihir really disappointed he remembers his mother, who still calls him Sweet Boy.  He decides to go home and ask his mother why he is different from Rakesh.  

What has gone wrong with you?  Sami Prano: And why do Rakesh and Mihir look different even though they are the same age?  Do you think something is wrong with Mihir?  Why ?  How do you think Mihir feels about himself? 

 What should Mihir's mother tell him?  Case Study-2 Positive and Negative Fellow / Classmate Influence Raju always studied at school or at home and always got good marks.  

He had no interest in anything else.  When he got admission in a new school in Std-11, Zaheer and Moti became his friends, both cricket lovers.  Raju also started playing cricket with them and found out that he was a very good spin bowler. 

 Now his parents felt that he had to spend hours and hours on the field so that his influence would fall on his studies.  * Do you think Zaheer and Moti have a good influence on Raju? 


વાર્ષિક શૈક્ષણિક આયોજન 202122 અહીંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો

 Do you think Raj's parents are worried about his new hobby?  What role can Raju's teacher play in reducing parental anxiety?  *!  Should states continue playing cricket?  Why  104

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