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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

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The similar thing applies with pacifiers for papa. Utilize of ICT for Vaccine [Even if capital is the mouthpiece of SIC this wa effective  SOCIAL Fi Chanelerines to consider about students Demographic - Class size, variety, cultural context, socio-economic status, gender, marginalization  Location and obtanability / technical terms etc. Vipipanar may consider 

 Intelligence and foreknowledge academic level, elementary, upper primary, and experience, learning.Digital literacy level, intellectual capacity , •Effective social - teacher has his own tendency towards teaching and studying ,  

The environment for online studying is expected to contain things such as self-attitude, motivational level, personality relationships and introspection in areas of interest. 

This is when dealing with learners .  And emotional health and the awareness that comes with it support him decide what medical and therapeutic help  should be prescribed and what supportive techniques should be accepted . 

 As such, when offered academic resources to a visually impaired child, ICT b.  Tools such as Crit to Spy play an vital role in communicating details .  Children with poor financial status require to be able to receive open source or free sleep.  Thus a scholarly understanding supports in selecting the right ICT and making the classroom more inclusive. 

 Activity 3 Integration of ICT in Teaching, studying and Assessment Respond to the following.  What are the ICT facilities need for the study-teaching of the subject described in the activity sheet? 

Are these facilities obtainable  in your school?  • Is the ICT utilized in the activity suitable for all kinds of learners of all classes?  Do you think different ICTs are need for different Shikha Rao?  136

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