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Monday, June 21, 2021

Watch the video of the amazing event in Upleta, Rajkot, the strange lights in the sky

 The first  Peer Na Bhajan A, B Kuita Sha Pram, in the particle of Jaya Aaya of Shama of Maa Shama.  Maa thay jan gat (vaan ke pustaknu andagama,

as well as amapasani ghanuro ma rahe? Parya hai as well as vividhi thi ma di mukt thi be karo0 / the paksh na kari kare vignan ma shiknar  pratishmi and 164)  does and believes in it and believes in the mind # િ in the honor of pushing the mind!  Mummy does.  Connects scientific concepts in life 

Participates from Dalagani Dwivedi Kaman  Symbol Same Grao Hala In Vivayana / Pak Pratibha in Ghaujan put Karma = as well as Kura!  Sewing is the way to go when you are ready.   Others work peacefully and in partnership with each other for the protection of Pathi Varan, for the protection of Pathi Varn, for the protection of Pathvi Ran and for the environment and for Vikram to accept various forms and reciprocity for the sake of social science.

Behaves as well as in Khalam (Vikla Gayasni if ​​e also gives kind of representation • as well as in various activities (developing the environment and not working together Takes different views, Interests in problems caused by diversity in machines  Takes • Observation, Glimpses of the World Around Me and Team Work  Learner in Art Art કલા Learning in the Art Classroom and Outside the Classroom  And to make the atmosphere outside the classroom clean and beautiful, the classical art takes me the help of Pratik Kar G. 50

જુઓ અદભૂત વિડીયો

Brief Introduction Science behind Pashutti - 2.  There are parents as well as cultural cars that tell me which woman is the most famous Guinness World Record in a way where children are capricious and real (separated) a world like animals talk.  But some of the folk tales are also based on science, which is folklore, which has kept us in the throes of exams and conspiracies.

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

It is learned that the scientific hobby fund is taken from the stories of Desi Mari Katha Panthang in this folktale by adding a few scientific facts as well as the diseases of the waterfalls.  And Animal Adaptation Teaches Living Creatures About the Bronze Environment for Disaster, The Time Needed for this Sentence  Be vigilant about joining the work  To keep that mass caste caste.  To group children in need according to their work, different from perm, abilities, etc

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