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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Very Usefull Health Tips

 I am saddened by the decision to mourn.  Ma pani ni ma pakni hai tamne te pa ni navi 1 me ki temno prata ne |  What is the reason for the decrease in IT?  K na paapvima mane vadhare hai haani paghan ||  For this only my husband = PA1 1 |  There is also a case of macular degeneration, honey is the cause of the claim and I am the only one (the deputy who told him that the evidence disrupts the progress of the vatelT on the process of clearing the father). 

 (Use of the 1st syllabus to compile your copy. Its diary / log book / notebooks / visits / P as the teacher gets tired: કે When every child monitors the progress of eating, who can teach them?  7 school-based assessment strategies for assessment in general: observations for assessment in general, Mula con, self-assessment, jai chowk, mum.  Exercises, projects, experiments, storytelling, checklister criteria are used.

  You will be able to be helpful for this assumed assessment  Evaluation of individual studies;  Many activities such as tests (written / oral), creative writing (essay, story, poem writing), drawing woo chan experiment, personal plans, handicraft work etc. do not require personal value.  However NCERT textbooks contain many such opportunities.  

Yet the traditional written exam remains the most common choice.  Let us consider whether a traditional written test or examination can be used for all study findings?  How can the social and emotional aspects (skills and temperament) of a child's personality be assessed? 

 To cover various aspects of education and development (cognitive, socio-emotional and mental).  And select different methods of evaluation to conduct an extensive evaluation using examples.  Choose the right one in this regard.  

It will be easier to understand if you look at the activities given in the textbooks of NCERT.  Below are some of the assessment activities given in the standard 8 environment textbook. 


Draw pictures of various animals in your notebook using dried leaves.  લો Take the impression of different leaves.  Are they the same or different?  Observe the things around you, which leaves and flowers have a pattern?  78

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