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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

UIDAI has revealed the required number, save it in the phone and all the troubles will be removed in a pinch

 UIDAI has revealed the required number, save it in the phone and all the troubles will be removed in a pinch

Nick let my R. Va.  There are two demands to be made on the subject of Ghamayash or Banum, Vaji.  Slice or pass woke up.  As far as Shish Kare can understand, various poisonous Vipaghoni Ltd.  Mati ma & radh karama sama para) par aa na ta 1 nu ma ghojan karel tene khawa naam ma jajam 12 paam pan 1) dhama na hak ma be prakar ki samak dhan nimtiyon samvav che chek che, ai, ma tam paath  Happens.  Hogh Dhya Teachers / SIL |  For and the second type is related to various subjects and the same subject matter which can be obtained by using eyeballs, pedagogues.  


Therefore, it is important to shed light on how to use the Way Za (Ta Zel Ship) so that it can be handled better. • It is also important to note that through light activities at appropriate intervals, group discussions and brainstorming activities  Ensuring 100% participation of Sikh ROs through the use of hours, individual activities and group projects, etc. 2. The role of the art teacher in the field of integrated education.  


So that every teacher including art teacher has to learn to use art as a medium.Each art teacher has to play two roles in art integrated education,, to use art integrated teaching while teaching art as a subject .. subject to prime key planning and classroom study and  Helping in the form of group teaching in teaching Arts Integrated Education enhances the existing responsibilities of the art teacher.Art Integrated Education Part-I  Is.  Which is typical.  This is how textbook based activities implemented in your state can be done.  ) Subject - English, Std-8, Chapter-8, "A Short Monsoon Diary Study Conclusions Undertaken Under Study Can Students Achieve?

Upper Primary - English Raat • Shaak Dha and in public places such as railway station, market, airport, Minema Hall and e.  The research asks questions in contexts and situations at / 5 YE per instruction / nutrition.  (E.g., a book-based book hanger, Bibc Lava, which is connected to the conversation by using the right word clutter and exact sentences, participates in the • 5d game such as ch! L! And organized by other organizations.  , Drama, Chardha, Rhetoric, Rhetoric, Six 81 Speech, Q. Kottari etc., Describes real life experiences and stories (real or kaunic) Thinking of the ideal life, Comparing, Contradicting  This model is based on the study objectives. 


The activities are organized keeping in view the study objectives. Each of the activities given here is focused on the study objectives as well as the MRI.  However, the state may keep in mind its own study and textbooks, required art materials: paper and pencil, scissors, glue, yart paper can color  , Double side tape, cellotape, SE l  ई.  Praja Ra (to make simple music) Approximate training time: 2 hours and 40 minutes Education Classical Strategy Activity  One finger, two forearms, the forearm forearm, four forearms, five. Let's make a sound with these nets.

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