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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Trace Mobile Number Location

 Trace Mobile Number Location

 Repeat the dhra in the experience of playing Nakava and the mupi work of a village up to and from Lok Magali Path.  On the 17th of Raman, the sound of heavy rain and we have the sound of Varmadami Papa rain on the feet of water, that is, all the group should produce raindrops today and pretend that they are enjoying the rain by closing all the cups in it for the activity.  Shravel Prano 

To find out more about Ume rain, do you remember any other experience related to rain?  How did you feel when you were pretending to be immersed in Vama Dama?  Leaf - 10 minutes) Measure the instructions before you start the activity to go to the Creator on the tree and make sure they understand, N Instructions: We are all raining heavily.   


Mobile's number location

Make a fictional shelter from the number given below with the gachha and music in the rhythm and gather under it. For example, if I asked you to take shelter of five, you would voluntarily gather five groups if you are able to gather more than five or five feet.  You will be out.  Giving the ba game can continue by giving nails to different competitors.  The new ૬ contacts (Mire is raining. Dodo Dodo Dodo ' will join the song and try to run in different directions with the rhythm of the song all over the cup of music. Follow the steps given above. 

Check Number : Click Here. 

Read Gujarati : Click Here. 

Do Shiater is a game and s lrn not to make a win, but everyone participates and combines rain and water throughout the game to encourage them that they are really maneuvering in heavy rain and they are, really, looking for Akai because of each group  It is better to save time if they are playing in a circle or arranged face-to-face. They are already in a circle. The following activity has been completed. • What were you thinking when you were playing for a little color?  Would you like to tell the experience of your situation? Let 5-6 people answer the questions so that the same van will differ from the other answer in terms of funds, 43

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