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Sunday, June 27, 2021

Todays Education News Report

 This model is a method of evaluating the school father / doctor in Viro vy Mauzal.  Involved which must be considered at the level of salvation associated with salvation, especially at the school level.  

Todays Education News Report 

There is a very strict work line on examinations and examinations in children. In order to overcome the current situation, the policy has been implemented at the time and the evaluation process has been modernized. 

The angle of worship reveals the position of the worshiper and the strategy for school based assessment.  Parvel, which can be used at the school level.This module helps teachers to make the key #baT of key based assessment + with a child-centered approach to teaching and assessment 5 Objectives of the module presented by Pandyul મુખ્ય Main of school parish assessment  Understanding the essence and significance of Zakiri, the centralized values ​​of \ A \ are not familiar. A. Values ​​can be understood in a fun way with the teaching-learning process. શકો Prepare examples for various subjects for the purpose of assessment. 3. Background: 

 The system was mainly examination based and Vidya 27 Evaluation ૫ Teams The needs of the people being met and the process of reforming the education system in India as per this National Education Policy 19  68) Play argued.  

The National School of Education (1986) envisaged assessment as an integral part of the teaching-learning process for comprehensive assessment, including both academic and co-educational aspects in examinations, which provides evidence of a child's development.  

The concept of continuous and comprehensive assessment has been used in Indian education for over 30 years.  Learning - It is used to identify aspects of a child's growth and development as a result of the teaching process.  The widespread use of school-based assessments and the independent interpretations given by schools have led to many public outcry against school-based assessments and policy as a whole.

  This has led to shortcomings in school-based assessment.  Which was like below.  The dominance of testing over the teaching-learning process - ignoring the paradigms of behavior change and focusing only on the minor aspects, reports on teachers.  Increasing the workload of documents and forms.  74

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