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Monday, June 28, 2021

Since July 1, 2021, there have been a number of major changes

Examination and black 419 Muna Kan M) J) by I am more pramjat or mMpit and why?  There is a chance that the child will be able to eat and be vaccinated.  Its effective implementation + can be a tool for the 

According to Ma, T, every child + Bhupi is to be educated when the school assumes the original Kan Ban Care in the process of observing the teaching process, measuring the potential of the students and the students.  

To help the teacher understand the difficulties, this can also help the various taluka, district, rank or national level officials involved in education to implement the monitoring. Ja-based assessment is inextricably linked with Gigat at all levels.  Paper pencil tests are the most common choice for listening to values ​​on a large set in a wide range of proportions from school to school to nation level.  Which is the personality of the child!  

That the quality of education he received.  The position of quality of education in school, taluka district etc. cannot paint a picture.  Most importantly, centralized values ​​will be helpful for ear and school-based assessment or for different consumers to use at different levels.  

Chash Chintan Karish!  પરીક્ષા What do you think of the advantages and disadvantages of Central Examination and School Based Assessment?  5 5) What is evaluation?  Why ?  And how?  : The main purpose of assessment is to provide opportunities and guidance to the children keeping in view their learning abilities. 

What is assessment?  Why ?  And to understand how, let’s take a look;  * What are the criteria of Muthi Kan?  

Is that storytelling purpose?  6. Evaluation Criteria: Teachers consider the textbooks as a complete syllabus and evaluate the children using the questions given in the homework at the end of the unit while using MCQ without some explanation of the curve of exams and achievements.  According to the results of the study of each subject, not only at the district / state / national level, but also at the school level, evaluation policies and education 76

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