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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Schools will reopen on these terms after October 15 according to government guidelines

 Schools will reopen on these terms after October 15 according to government guidelines

Step-4 Who or Yes Uma New IN A Thama Ni at the Fil No. 28.  Thi je vay na #l] I am no # ke jo saare vimam pare!  .  To send only open meme in Vigha.  But from this 'dhamani' the pictures were prepared and the statue and the promotion of the world forest were performed.  That is to say, Jita Tha is sufficient and Thogya is aware of the subsistence.  Students learn how to perform on the stage with the help of their Mathida Na Moklan, step-6 roll-out and nook play is played. Students come on stage.  (2 backstage) help, video is recorded and recalling is shown to the students. Gink co can sit with the students and watch the recorded version and tweak every aspect of the art. Suggestions for qualitative improvement can also be recorded. 

 Not to find out which student is the best in the group? To discuss the quality improvement of different aspects of it such as exchange of key dialogue and qualitative improvement of coordination etc.  Annexure to another subject is related to teacher-students social problems arising in the society and the like.  - Will inspire to observe.  They learn all these subjects by compiling them in their linguistic style.  Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.


In which mainly roleplay.  Nook play in which narration, dialogue and script writing are basically woven. 

Art Integrated Education Part-4 My Forest (There is also a 12-year-old Joren. Maa Shi's hajnak lavayard # can't do anything at all Uncle Mama Bamdh Sha Gha Patra Book Pakin Pani Kami Hindi (Spring Part-1 Std-6 Lesson)  -2 Childhood) Selection Property. 1 Type of voices such as the experience of meeting the nature of Pandi Pahaz Jungle V), while the Byap is presented in the language of Mo. No. Kam Gari or if 2.1 Ab then  Po K, local social events.

ગુજરાતમા ઓફલાઇન શિક્ષણ શરુ કરવા બાબત લેટેસ્ટ ન્યુજ 

Activities such as 'Kaik Mein' speak of Hisani Pathamak (Reyat-wise or talkative. P Jaja talks about the differences related to language, food, living, etc.)  Appreciate the elaborate, systematic structure of the framework, the necessary materials, paper seat, wardrobe (old or new), sketchpen, hole, fold, drum, hardboard, mart paper, kathon newspaper, etc.  


N. C. G. R. T.'s YouTube Channel Reference Book etc. Activity-1 (Mild Method) Turn off the sound by turning it off. Student - Close your eyes for five minutes and make the students listen to different streams including fan sound, bell sound,  The whistling of the air, the chirping of birds, the sound of circling leaves, the sound of music, etc. can be experienced in their own words, which develops their powers of observation, imagination, sensitivity, listening skills, as well as narration through their verbal expressions.  Everything sub - bha  And will make the dialogs true.  Activity-2 Acting song related to a person's childhood as the main source.  How to do it in groups with price.  


Children's songs increase their interest and curiosity and they are more eager to get new knowledge

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