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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

School Inspector (Si) Kamgiri Babat Latest Pariptra

 7 Hill out way Al Vichachi, got six grades in climbing God and Holla, this society (until it becomes Niraksha Leen) ("Path too much to climb on Sakili Pad P instead of his teacher climbing a tree to land  He ran on. That's why he's very showy. Runk problem 5 baad, 8 7 and he's in the habit of chewing hair to follow that discipline, but he beat everyone but did his own thing when it came to chewing.  Didn't like it. 

At the end of the year, it was found that the special eel (a species of fish) swam so well that it and the 3 dogs were living in Bahumar and they had to study for a long time.  

Even climbing and flying a little, he had an average of 5 and he became the winner. CALLDIG is Machay, have you seen? The course did not involve digging pits and making boats. Discuss ideas.  Why did the subjects learn? Did everyone benefit? The general strength in all the subjects was accepted by the school. All these animals are allo way. 

 Was not allowed to descend.  Why you?  (Acceptable was 5? Why do you think so ?, Do you think for a show that dog study dug a hole in અને and bed mama ', for eagle was seen as a problematic child? Want to enter?.  Discussion Topics: Talk to other stakeholders involved in educating children in your area and discuss how to educate all children together to build an inclusive society. 

EEN knows how to deal with discrimination, corporal punishment, abuse or harassment  In addition, teachers need to adopt their teaching methods and pedagogical methods in the best possible way so that all children can participate equally in the learning process. 


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The classroom environment should be such that the child feels happy and relaxed instead of boredom, fear or loneliness.  In order to support the fundamental right to education given to all children, it is necessary to create a safe and inclusive environment for all children, every child has the right to go to school with his community, teachers and  Classmates should accept it together and include them in general schools.  Asthane 39plek10

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