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Thursday, June 24, 2021

Mini library of more than 100 different laws

 mini library of more than 100 different laws: Definition and meaning of education: The word education is made up of suffixes in the Sanskrit alphabet. Which means to read or teach. Any activity that conveys new knowledge and new knowledge to a person is education. Education is not only available at school, but everyone who introduces it to new knowledge.

Definition and meaning of education
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Education is called EDUCATION in the English language. The word education is derived from the Latin word education, and the word educatum is also composed of two Latin words – E and Duco. Here E means – from the inside and Duco means – out.

● Inclusive education

Education Definition (Definition and meaning of education in Hindi)
By its definition, we can better understand that education works to improve one’s inner strength. Education works to improve the fitness of the individual and to enhance his skills.

“Real education is what comes from within. It is an expression of one’s inner strength. ”


“Education is the development of all human abilities to control the environment and to achieve its full potential.”

John dv

“Manifestation of the internal aspect of education.”

Swami Vivekananda

Because of the specialty in education
Education is a process of development. By using it, man grows everywhere. Education is the name of a lifelong process. It goes on and on from a person’s death until his or her death because people learn something in any age.

Education is the name of a meaningful process. Education has many purposes. The purpose of providing education to children is not only to improve their knowledge but also to develop them as a whole.

Education is a three-dimensional process because it has different connections for teachers, students and the curriculum. The process of learning and teaching is done among them. Education is the name of a powerful process.

Education works to guide students and at the same time helps students adapt to the community. Education helps students solve problems. Through education, society is transformed into a civilized society and at the same time serves to provide the right direction for social change.


Types of Education or Educational Institutions
● Formal education – Formal education is education provided to students at a school. Through this education, students gain real knowledge and develop problem-solving skills. Definition and meaning of education The definition and meaning of education is determined by the type of education.

● Informal education – Informal education is available to students not from the school but from the community. Students take this education at their own discretion. This kind of education can be found anywhere, anytime.

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