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Monday, June 21, 2021

Matter of celebrating National Voters Day-2021 ”(NVD-2021)

 What do we do now? Will they come here in the morning with their nets? ”The fish that knew a thousand tricks laughed out loud. He said to try to calm the frog. I will not be afraid to hear such strange words.  Why fly? I have a lot of tricks, I have a monopoly way to avoid it, and I know it all, I will save you too?  "You don't have to leave your house. I will save you from my understanding. 


Home is like home and heaven can't be compared. Dear-5, Group-5) But the frog's suspicion remained."  He regained his composure and listened with confidence,  One of the tricks for my friends to avoid being caught by fishermen is to go out with my wife.  - The frog and his wife jumped out of the lake and approached 53

What is the reason for my loss to Java?  What about you  No?  Yakat ni bray che, samu-6 gh sail share machimari karo ghar pami ji ne  Me sir kari ni ૫ pani ma ma / pava me kare che.  Even if it causes me to die  I work and date.  Don't get me wrong.  Draya-7, Group-7 On their way back, the fishermen would have been wounded by the locks, their water was sitting on their hair.  

Kama saw the attention he was catching on her, and the thought that he was her special friend Mayul |  So Khim Nama Te Maa, enthusiastically asked them 'How did you escape "Mazni is a Maa village and we know our name: 06, we keep this zoo on our strengths to make the fire of his fire a yoke to any extent  Jai | Ki: Chiye - Vastha B, Group-8 Thirty O Baddhars came out and Padva rushed into his old mind.  Surprised by the joy of meeting the two fish that had gone unimaginable, he must have landed on Cowboy 1 by then. They saved him with enthusiasm. Did you escape in a favorable way? ”Maa Kakki sang in unison. - Let's recognize this water naba eo, our powers.  Increasingly, to ensure our own survival. Let's go a long way "Evaluation as a Study  Sahag, clarity of my own thoughts.  Creativity in the presentation of things.  Love to connect with others.  Arecanuts and other sources should be considered as a matter of policy.

The question for Thi Mati is Maani Mani Bhakmi.  % 5) #Nawani Jaan Lakhs in which they have to know what to say in their territory and grip in food.  Dalai in Shah's wound.  So, what is the best way to get rid of clutter you don't need?  Did you just say that my mother has done it or seen someone more than that?  For this purpose, is the story traditionally familiar and the chapters have been introduced?  - How is fishing done on a Keith basis?  


The times are over and no heaven can compare with it.  "Do you agree with this? What are the other factors that make the 'Par' more special than the opportunity features on the 'Par'?  What was it like in the summer? Rock painting) Do you get 8 lessons from the night? The frog's pani gave clever advice to go to whose house? Why?  Knowing what you need (2) Managing the problem (3) Finding an alternative (3) Choosing the best option What will happen when the population of a particular organism decreases or increases?  What is it? What can we do to conserve biodiversity? Hint: We can consume less and pay more attention to what we use.  


Explain the symptoms that can help them breathe in the water. What did the frog do in his mind to eliminate his enemy?  What?  What do you believe ?  Why are frogs called amphibians?  Why did he say that he had ancestors?  What evidence do you see that they were common ancestors to determine if they had ancestors?  Hint: Like a fish, a frog's cub is a stepping stone to that frog's 3 chair.  Do you know the locations of our country?  Or where are people aware of pre-disaster management?  Discuss the steps they have taken to reduce the loss of life and property.  * Do you live in this area?  What pre-disaster management is in your home?  Local.  55

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