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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Download new Textbooks Teacher Edition 2021 pdf

Download new Textbooks Teacher Edition 2020 pdf: In starting  when I started working as a teacher in school, I searched that some children used to steal mathematics. My love for mathematics went through this sadness. I felt that if something is exciting in mathematics, then something should be done to improve their interest in mathematics. And today when I look, almost all the children love  Mathematics and Mathematics has become the special  subject of many.

So brother, neither did I spin a magic wand nor did it give a very impressing lecture. Yes, there was some swap in the system of teaching. If I tell in teaching terms:

1. I accepted exchanges and discussions by eliminating the one-way flow of details and communication.
2. I tried to make children search mathematical concepts in their environment and understand them more far .
3. I believe that children simply grasp what is explained in a easy and logical manner.

I think very big words such as child centered teaching, teacher as guide, learning from the environment etc. have the similar meaning. Here in this article I do not wish to talk only about education, but I am performing a sample of my class.
Class 5 introduces the circle in which the main things are center, chord, radius, diameter etc. Instead of explaining them in long, I did an activity with students .

I took a piece of wire to class. There were a lot of activity in the classroom. I said everyone that I had a piece of wire, in which I stuck the chalk on one end.
Now I am creating a center point on the board where I will place the other end of the wire. It has to be a held in place by pressing it with a finger. When doing so, the wire finger end is fixed and the other end of the chalk can simply move around it.
All the children in the class were not calm yet, but gradually they started paying focus to my words. After this, I created another point by pulling the chalk end completely to one side. And then said the children that each child should create  two points of his share one by one as I made the point.


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