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Thursday, October 10, 2019

Tech That Will (Probably) die in this year

The tech world works in the same way as the natural world. The UFC shell is removed by cold selection and natural feeling.

Progress in buying habits, user behavior, social trends, and innovation always leaves a pile of failed or outdated products, companies, and trends in the dust. Whether it's a veteran device hit by an aging hammer or a glorious new entry at the Disability Museum, it's only time for some technology to die.

We like to predict which technology will meet its end of next year, but it's not always true. In 2016, 11 death pool predictions were made. Let's see how it goes.

GoPro. Not so. GoPro still provides new cams in action like Hero 6, but its inventory continues to grow as the company enters something that looks like a long, slow death spiral.Android Wear. No! The future of Android Wear may be dark, but it's not dead.

Windows Phone. RIP.

Twitter, Inc. Hell, baby! Twitter still loses a lump of money and can hardly do itself well, but thanks to the chief tweet, Twitter has become a trash addict.Galaxy Note features. It's different again. Samsung managed to recover from the fierce phone call failure and released a pretty nice Galaxy Note 8 ($ 929.99 for Samsung).

Barnes & Noble Nook. Somehow, Amazon's Kindle line doesn't have a final nail in Nook's finesse. B&N announced a new $ 50 tablet earlier this year and began selling a new GlowLight 3 Nook line during this holiday season.

YouTube Red. No, I'm still kicking.

Google Cardboard. A little bit. Google's DIY increases reality capabilities still available, but Google is focusing more on Daydream View ($ 89.90 on Amazon) as it becomes the reality of mixed-use crowded Windows headset.

Marisa Mayer's appointment as CEO. This was a gimme.

Internet Explorer. Give that up. IE still technically exists, but Microsoft Edge is now the default Windows browser, and it shakes by the way.

Elon mask. I don't know why I keep Elon here, but he stops now. "Ol Musky has irons like Tesla, SpaceX, the Boring Company, Hyperloop, Neuralink, SolarCity. His technology will die anytime (or if left on Mars). Let me show you the product and pretend Tony Stark, having too much orrooks are undone.

I don't want to throw old Nostradamus technology on the bus (probably a year from now is wrong), but technically it was 3/11 last year. Well, I don't go anywhere. Noble critics, don't be shy about this year's selection and the technologies you think won't survive until 2018. Now on this year's forecast.

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