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Thursday, October 10, 2019

How Aggregators Are Changing the Dynamics is helping in almost every thing

Today there are startups for everything you can think of. This sounds awkward, but it's not very convenient to have all apps on mobile. We all use different apps for different needs. It is the aggregator that solves the confusion and aggregates all these services on a single platform. Technology is important for aggregators.

From integrating various services into the platform to providing a simple interface and a quick solution to customer requirements, technology is the driving force.

Aggregators also mobilize workers in the market and open new hiring paths for them.Democratizing the process of providing equal opportunities for all service partners.

Timesaverz, an aggregator platform, gives you the option to choose your own job opportunities available.

In countries where the unemployment rate is very high, Timesaverz and other companies are helping many talented service professionals connect with end-users while at the same time gaining a stable income stream.

According to Debadutta Upadhyaya, co-founder and CEO of Timesaverz, this democratizes the entire process by providing equal opportunities to serve all service partners in the service area.

"It is important to have a pool of verified service partners in a specific region. This is one of the main reasons for choosing to do homework from an aggregator responsible for verification of service partners. explain in detail.

Price standardization

Price standardization is also essential because it needs to be transparent to customers. Aggregators are defined without fancy the service provider and imagination.

It's one of the important issues to solve. It is becoming increasingly apparent that aggregators are increasing the need for competitive pricing, delivery, and business performance.

"Terms are rapidly spreading across industries and assume a variety of forms. The wider the range of services a company offers, the greater the customer's traction. You need to think. ''

Zairus Master, CEO of, feels the cost of the total model is lower than a similar stand-alone business that can pass on to customers as a cost benefit.

"We can offer more promotional offers with better prices or more value at the same price than a single provider offers," he shared.

Because fixed prices are low, aggregators tend to be more agile and can change services faster than traditional businesses. Collaborate with new partners or introduce new products in combination to quickly respond to changing market demands.

There is no bias in the promotion of specific products

Unlike traditional businesses that push their own products, aggregators want to know where the demand is, so there is no unique product, so there is no bias in promoting a particular product.

"At Shine Learning, we are investigating which courses consumers are interested in and trying to find more of these courses in our extensive partner network," Master says.

Trend monitoring

The large amount of data that an aggregator process is large compared to a business standing alone, makes it easier to spot early trends. This also helps to advance the device faster and go beyond the curve.

"At Shine Learning, this means that you can gain new skills and courses before they become popular in the mainstream. Then you can actively pursue courses for new skills that will grow in the coming months.

" This helps students learning them because they require exactly the skills and they can finally count on us to get a job.

Aggregator opens additional channel customer acquisition

Sachin Jaiswal, CEO of, says the aggregator will open another customer acquisition channel for companies that provide this service.

Not only does the business have a presence in additional customer acquisition channels, Jaiswal also feels it can avoid the huge costs associated with advertising and discounts.

"If you are a merchant who offers bus reservations or hotel reservation services (Redbus for buses, Cleartrip for hotels).

you can be sure to add to the aggregator platform and transactions occurring on your platform ..., both aggregators and businesses work independently for one common cause — new customers and more businesses, allowing both An advantageous situation to occur. "


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