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Thursday, October 10, 2019

9 Often Unknown But Crucial is creating new app

Mobile applications are today. If your business doesn't have the app, you won't be a top competitor in the market. In fact, you miss the client's world. Maybe you are already thinking of moving to a mobile approach, but there are many questions.

What should you know before investing in app development? This blog post explains the basics of the mobile industry with nine unknown (but important) components for building apps.

Progress in the app industry

Within a few years after the launch of smartphones, the mobile app industry also flourished. And it's a furious pace.

In the past, there were only a few games and security applications, but now there are hundreds of thousands of apps that can be installed on mobile devices.

Did you know that there are an estimated 2 million apps in the Apple store this year and 2.2 million apps in the Google Play store? Research shows that the usage of certain apps continues to grow day by day as more people find smartphones.

In fact, 52% of the time finding people using smartphones is using apps like Facebook, Twitter apps, or some game apps. This clearly emphasizes the fact that not only is the app industry growing, but addiction has generated millions.

What is the reason for the rise of the app industry?

So why has the app industry exploded? The answer is very simple. Apps provide all kinds of user content. From news to media, politics to religion, entertainment education and games, almost everything is available in app form.

Research shows that people no longer feel the need to use desktop computers or laptops. Apps are easier to use than websites and more attractive to people. This is why every company that wants to thrive or gains focus on building compelling apps.

According to statistics, the mobile app industry has generated more than $ 77 billion. You will be surprised to learn that young people are not people who control the use of apps.

Instead, the most important group of app users is 18-24 years old, followed by younger users and older users. Also, according to the survey, women mostly use social apps like Facebook compared to men and children.

The main reason people like apps is easy to use, focus and target. For example, if someone wants to buy clothes, you can easily download apps to your favorite brand.

This is even easier with Progressive Web Apps, which allows you to use the app without having to download it to your phone.

App users not only immediately notify about sales and discounts, but provide additional bonuses for using these apps. This targeted approach allows the user to browse what they need in less time and effort.

9 I didn't know about the app, but what to do

Here are nine best kept secrets on the apps you need to know to create the best app for your business:

The app is not built in a vacuum. Therefore, why you needclarify the purpose of the app. This is why target market surveys are the first thing you need to do before you can start building your current app. What is your target audience like?

What are your competitors doing? How can I come up with something unique enough to meet customer requirements and stand out? The easiest way to get this information is to compile a survey. Through online and offline surveys, you can find what your target audience is looking for in the app.

Get attention in seconds

You should capture the target audience's attention within seconds. Reason-Well, there are a lot of apps to attract notice. Once they get interested, you need to be important enough that they give you some space in their limited phone space.

You can help this process by creating a "lightweight" app that doesn't take up much space.

 Keep your interests alive

This is even more difficult than actually getting the attention. 70-80% of people delete an app within a few days of using it because they are bored. Therefore, you need to keep your app bringing new things to the user's eyes. Therefore, the app must be attractive (attract short-term attention) and attractive (for long-term use).

 Increased costs and weighted images and animation

The more photos, animations, and videos you use, the higher the cost of the app. Don't choose too many pixels unless you have a big budget.

Note: However, if you use an app builder like Bizness Apps, you don't have to worry about these additional costs.

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