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Thursday, October 10, 2019

Decentralized Ridesharing ehat is there next step

Many ride-sharing technology sharing apps face criticism today for the exploitation of people working on the platform. The largest view is due to the concentration of resources and the concentration of wealth, accelerated by a few giants of mobility and boarding space.

These companies seem to be monitoring the system in the future without the involvement of those working on these platforms. Now is the time to change the business model where society is at the top and business is second. There are solutions we are working on in the centralized market of the ride sharing industry.


The idea starts with the establishment of a free market where most of the largest on-demand companies work.

These free markets are supposed to try to solve the problem if they are effective if all players are reasonable with minimal government regulations. Today, however, tech companies cannot adapt to this "fair" model.

Because competition can't find a fair space.

Enterprises exploit platform-related end-users to raise money, burn cash, quickly build monopolies, and spend quickly on drivers and customers.

And once a monopoly is established, customers and drivers are using higher cost / fees and increasing profit margins. Competition is considered essential for capitalism to survive, but this has not happened so far, creating even more problematic situations.

The resolutionWe propose a three-step solution that requires these key components to adjust the market.

There are two main aspects to this component. The first property shared between the company working on the platform and the driver. Second, it shifts power to decision-makers regarding pricing. The current scenario is biased by the company making decisions based on profit margins and drivers not being involved in this process.

This is where decentralization takes place and drivers can make decisions about rising real-time consensus. Decentralization aims to shift the focus from central authorities to driver partners.

Each market is unique and dynamic, with some artificial restrictions that can be removed. Today, all marketplaces are pushing participating players into near-full-time scenarios. This makes the supply smooth.

In the decentralized ride-sharing model, people working on the platform must have the freedom to move anywhere, anytime, and make the market truly dynamic.


The final step in this solution is distribution, which means that all marketplaces are fairly exceptional region-based. For example, London and Paris offer a very different and unique atmosphere to the market, and a company doing well in London cannot work in Paris.

Therefore, in a distributed ride-sharing business model, two separate identities need to be separated.

In other words, separate legal identities are required.

Establishing these adjustments and incorporating market aspects into the model can change the way the ride-sharing business works and create a movement to change the distribution of wealth among those working on the ride-sharing platform.

Solution-based approach

One is to create a fully decentralized blockchain-based ride sharing app. The problem with this is that running a ride sharing business with existing blockchain technology is very expensive in terms of energy and computation.

So wait for the platform to mature or use it partially for consensus-based decision making

The second approach returns to traditional taxi company models that have worked as a cooperative, trying to be more technology-friendly to be more comprehensive and dynamic.

The third approach proposed for the third is the Wikipedia template. This means that you have a globally non-profit organization that owns all IP and technology, is licensed for free or at a very low cost, and sells it to local entities. This means that anyone can use the technology for free anywhere.

You can create a local corporate branch in a city. These chapters make decisions voluntarily, but always rely on the parent company for technology and simple rules.


This model is not without a fair distribution of risk. First-person does not like an idea or buy an idea and die, but that applies to the risks of any platform.

The only way to find it is to do it. Second-contestants start spending a lot of money on this platform without going to critical mass. This is what traditional players do. In this case, if the person or interested party wants to accept myopia or myopia.
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Stop Fixating on the 'Artificial' in AI Because is evolving itself

Like many people, I feel anxious every time I hear or read the phrase "artificial intelligence".

This expression is often associated with the image of terminators eliminating people and jobs. To me, that is the "artificial" aspect that gives the phrase a cold, alien, and uncaring character about human anxiety and weakness.

However, current experience has shown that there is nothing artificial about intelligence. AI is real. This is just part of the range of intelligence currently on the car. In fact, AI is an extension of human-guided human intelligence.

Instead of spelling out your destiny

AI is likely to save your life. The application can be useful, for example, to stop skyjackers or prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

I personally observe the very realistic side with many people in AI and the excited faces of high school students who have developed their own AI apps.

This is part of the reason I believe people will gain understanding and acceptance of technology when they encounter AI applications that have a positive impact on their lives.

Climbing human intelligence.

AI does work that has traditionally been an exclusive area of ​​human intelligence, such as video surveillance monitoring and conference call transcript. Basically, AI-enabled cars apply human intelligence at scales and speeds that are beyond the bounds of living minds.

This may mean that AI replaces people in certain jobs, but more often means that machines are working alongside people for greater profit.

Optical luggage at the airport provides a case study. In today's security system, a human operator manually checks each bag scan. However, looking at the baggage display scanned for 15 minutes can reduce the attention level of an operator to zero. It is a bit strange that a 2015 US Transportation Security Administration test reveals a 95% failure rate when trying to detect contraband weapons at airport security checkpoints. Advertising surrounding poor performance only reduced morale and reduced the effectiveness of TSA personnel.

A better solution for these workers: an AI system that captures all images captured by the luggage scanning system. This AI system uses object recognition technology to identify something similar to weapons or contraband. If something is detected, the system alerts the operator to view the image again.

Cooperation with “natural” intelligence.

In this way, AI intelligence works in conjunction with human intelligence to improve the efficiency and accuracy of critical tasks. As an added bonus, it saves people from the consequences of human deficiency as well.

In addition, these systems can be easily and inexpensively created using current-generation cognitive engine technology to develop applications that work with baggage scanning systems.

What you need is an application interface that gives developers easy access to the cognitive engine technology that is convenient for the tasks at hand.

With such an interface in place, only two engineers are required to develop this application, and the investment is only $ 250,000.

As these applications become commonplace, the general image of AI begins to change. The application works in partnership with people dealing with intractable issues such as terrorism, infectious diseases and human trafficking.

But when people start seeing positive results, AI seems more heterogeneous and artificial. Instead, people will see this as a natural extension of our intelligence-digital reflection to our own intelligence will improve people's lives everywhere.
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Tech That Will (Probably) die in this year

The tech world works in the same way as the natural world. The UFC shell is removed by cold selection and natural feeling.

Progress in buying habits, user behavior, social trends, and innovation always leaves a pile of failed or outdated products, companies, and trends in the dust. Whether it's a veteran device hit by an aging hammer or a glorious new entry at the Disability Museum, it's only time for some technology to die.

We like to predict which technology will meet its end of next year, but it's not always true. In 2016, 11 death pool predictions were made. Let's see how it goes.

GoPro. Not so. GoPro still provides new cams in action like Hero 6, but its inventory continues to grow as the company enters something that looks like a long, slow death spiral.Android Wear. No! The future of Android Wear may be dark, but it's not dead.

Windows Phone. RIP.

Twitter, Inc. Hell, baby! Twitter still loses a lump of money and can hardly do itself well, but thanks to the chief tweet, Twitter has become a trash addict.Galaxy Note features. It's different again. Samsung managed to recover from the fierce phone call failure and released a pretty nice Galaxy Note 8 ($ 929.99 for Samsung).

Barnes & Noble Nook. Somehow, Amazon's Kindle line doesn't have a final nail in Nook's finesse. B&N announced a new $ 50 tablet earlier this year and began selling a new GlowLight 3 Nook line during this holiday season.

YouTube Red. No, I'm still kicking.

Google Cardboard. A little bit. Google's DIY increases reality capabilities still available, but Google is focusing more on Daydream View ($ 89.90 on Amazon) as it becomes the reality of mixed-use crowded Windows headset.

Marisa Mayer's appointment as CEO. This was a gimme.

Internet Explorer. Give that up. IE still technically exists, but Microsoft Edge is now the default Windows browser, and it shakes by the way.

Elon mask. I don't know why I keep Elon here, but he stops now. "Ol Musky has irons like Tesla, SpaceX, the Boring Company, Hyperloop, Neuralink, SolarCity. His technology will die anytime (or if left on Mars). Let me show you the product and pretend Tony Stark, having too much orrooks are undone.

I don't want to throw old Nostradamus technology on the bus (probably a year from now is wrong), but technically it was 3/11 last year. Well, I don't go anywhere. Noble critics, don't be shy about this year's selection and the technologies you think won't survive until 2018. Now on this year's forecast.
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#4 Ingredients that Make a Chatbot in the perfect one

In companies around the world, customer-centric chatbots are quickly replacing human agents. Chatbot has become a fad of the year because it provides a seamless mechanism for customer satisfaction.

Because communications are key to business success, marketing managers have integrated AI-enabled chatbots into the platform.

About 27% of current customers are interested in talking to AI-enabled chatbots. With artificial intelligence, you can use tools to keep visitors interested in relevant details.

Not only answering simple questions but also AI-backed conversations, chatbots have an impact in various industries.

These provide strategic solutions to understanding and solving human problems. While it can be frustrating for customers who need to talk to live call center agents, chatbots allow real-time conversations between customers and the company and provide relevant product-related details.

Leading developers have created smart chatbots that can handle all forms of data, from text to visual voice. Today, chatbots are integrated into most new websites.

When a visitor arrives at this page, the chatbot receives it with a message. This has a positive impact on the customer and the customer's guest of the company.

Below are four key elements to creating a perfect chatbot. They enhance interaction and promote better relationships between companies and customers.

Understanding Context

When integrating automation into human communication, companies find it difficult to contextualize statements. Chatbots need to understand the context of customer demand. A level of net intelligence is required to detect the situation.

You should analyze the opinion of the customer statement, such as conversation history, date, day of the week, tone, and other factors. These variables vary from client to client. Intelligent chatbots can streamline internal communications and provide customer support.

For example, some e-commerce sites use chatbots to provide customers with personalized product recommendations.

When a client researches "winter clothing," the chatbot searches appropriately and provides results relevant to analyzing the opinion for the season, season, and type of clothing that may meet the client's requirements.

Adherent reactions

When integrating chatbots, you should focus on human communication as much as possible. Customers expect a sense of current conversation when interacting with a website. To ensure this human interaction, you need to use certain tones or dialects when discussing.

According to sources, the Adidas female chatbot witnessed 2,000 people sign up in the first week. Record 80% repeat use. After the first week, the company recorded a retention level of 60%, higher than other communication platforms.

Artificial intelligence allows these tools to communicate to a large extent as individuals. Language and communication style must be consistent. You may prefer a chatbot that communicates by voice but presents information in the text. Leading chatbot developers focus on the natural communication process so they can communicate intelligently with their clients.

The customer looks for an immediate response. Research shows that 57% of customers rely on chatbots for this reason.

General response

You can use chatbots to provide a general response from visitors. Use predefined mechanisms to answer questions your customers are most likely to ask. It is important to drive customers from one stage of the purchasing process to the next.

Fromimplementation to transformation, companies need to follow a systematic sales mechanism that establishes the relationship between the company and the customer.

Use AI-enabled chatbots to improve this marketing mechanism and save customers time office support. In banks and health care departments where chatbots are most commonly used, the average time savings per customer is 4 minutes when compared to phone calls. Based on this, companies in these sectors could save about $ 8 billion by 2022.

Chatbots don't become smart immediately after development. To increase capacity, you need to take advantage of the level of artificial intelligence.

Companies can integrate these tools with technologies such as natural language processing, big data, machine learning, and other strategies. This can stimulate conversation and replicate human interactions.

Learning ability

To create a user-friendly chatbot, you need to improve the level of interaction. Chatbots need to ask questions related to customer preferences and needs.

Customers find this experience attractive because they feel the company is concerned about their interests. These tools generate a significant amount of information from the customer and allow the company to evaluate preferences.

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Best Practices for IIOT business of cyber securities

We tend to read a variety of blogs and articles related to cyber security and IIOT, and we tend to fall into blurry photos as usual. It's easier to focus on complexity than the simplicity of losing sight. If you have a clear sense of yourself and are willing to learn things, you have a great opportunity not only for IIOT but also for cybersecurity.

From the perspective of protecting free accounts like Gmail and Facebook accounts, security standards are based on various standards to simplify and make them understandable.

These criteria include protecting customer confidence and avoiding unnecessary claims on behalf of companies.

These concerns are real and are covered by some of the most important companies around the world. But when it becomes an industrial company, the given scenario becomes even different. In these cases, the economy shifts gears and the policy takes a very simple growth.

If you look at the industrial market, there is a reason to make a lot of money at one time. The industrial market is a promising market where new innovation has a profound impact on everyone's current lives.

GE Ventures

GE Ventures, a subsidiary of GE Capital, is one of the few organizations that recognizes significant opportunities, offers customers the best potential, and takes some action against their customers as well.

In addition, the company has established a strong endless relationship with its customers and can leverage the industrial internet to protect against inherent risks.

From a security perspective, GE Ventures is constantly seeking startups that are promoting cybersecurity technology for businesses. Based on their understanding, there are many talented people out there, but of course, IIOT is not an easy market for startups.

Industrial networks are very different from IT enterprises and are difficult to survive and flourish.

However, the most successful startups in this business area have several features and from a corporate GE perspective:

They know things

Throughout the process of evaluating startups, GE focuses on several points, including a team with the right expertise and different technologies. Most successful startups have some knowledge of industrial control systems (ICS).

They have overcome a range of difficulties and learned from failure. They also hold responsibility for all experiences and do the same thing at the right time. Finally, they are always on the lookout for user goals and business continuity.

They take IIOT's Brain Hippocrates

Whatever the most successful startup job, they will never lose sight of the client's primary goal: "this machine never fails". Whatever the job they are doing, they are confident the machine will work and that it can withstand any difficult conditions.

It also creates a layer of full security and stringent security for a higher degree of protection.

They do not make things difficult for their customers

Successful startups have a clear understanding of all their target customers. They know the conditions and work hard to make it happen on time.

They know that they do not ask their customers for their daily demands and do it appropriately, but do not make assumptions about themselves. Nor does it depend on the clients to fill gaps lost in the translation process. Successful IIoT help focuses on clearing customer demands and showing where their expertise is.

Integrated security

Successful IIOT startups know the importance of security and some of the core collections of standards and tactics. Use security as an additional feature. Potential customers also expect security to be integrated into the intended product. This will be a complete package to meet customer requirements and needs.

They have assumptions that they will be targeted

Even the best companies under the supervision of hackers who are still trying to find blanks where malicious code can be figured out. Smart IIOT startup keeps all security standards and policies in place and functions accordingly to prevent all kinds of malware attacks.

They spend a tremendous amount of time preventing breaches that can compromise the overall security of the organization. In rare cases, if someone enters, you can isolate the infected module and prevent it from spreading to other parts of the system.
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How Child Safety Can be in the growing technology Advanced

Technology adds another wing to the already-becked hat to provide comfort to parents around the world in its impact on modern security systems. Wi-tech can be the parent's biggest covenant to protect the young soul being harmed by society.

At the turn of the century, the number of atrocities against children is growing at a worrying rate, with all parents still in anxiety and fear when leaving their children.

Obstacles to child safety

Certainly, child safety is an important issue in our country, and parents are ignorant of these situations. What is even more disastrous is that these incidents are reported from places where children are supposed to be safe but are surrounded by bad people.

The truth is that every child needs protection, and it is practically impossible for parents to protect them at any time.

Techniques and roles to ensure child safety

Technology is the answer to providing a safe harbor for school children anytime, anywhere. Knowledge of the child's whereabouts and communication with the child are components of any security solution. This is where the power of the wearable device and the Internet works.

Maintain alertness

Constant vigilance is key to creating an ecosystem where consent and caution are well protected. These modern wonders help parents feel involved in the daily activities of young people, even if they are not physically present.

Today's parents have a combination of unique skills and multiple roles that can benefit many modern super parents.

Technology-enabled security solutions can play a vital role

By understanding the role of technology in children's daily lives, many companies are committed to strengthening their child's protected environment.

Parents can check their child's daily activities and high-tech security solutions that track their movements and send the necessary notifications / alerts in real time.

Keep track of the latest locations of children, parents, and restricted-access communities through a wristband and built-in smart GPS technology that includes several features such as SOS / Panic buttons, school children. Can now follow all the concerns

Concepts such as accurate location tracking (outdoor / indoor), geofencing, contextual perspective analysis, and machine learning serve as the basis platform for solutions developed in children's safety spaces.

They help control parents in a controlled environment and keep their eyes harsh. Communication is a major enemy because parents use them to build safe shelters for their children.

CCTV surveillance

CCTV surveillance may be a stepping stone, but it has its own disadvantages in the form of blind spots. Using technologies such as IoT and communication mechanisms specifically with 4G wireless broadband, organizations can innovate for this purpose. The solution is built to report incidents in real time, to help contact children at the right time and place.

Analyze data for the best application of resources

When implemented on a large scale, data generated using these technologies can be analyzed to derive behavioral patterns.

These models can be used to make security solutions more robust and thorough, so that organizations investing in such practices can predict potential perpetrator crimes and prevent incidents in advance.

The extra presence of an automated SOS system alerts the relevant parent or authority to an accident or forced penetration. This helps change the perspective of just reporting to preventative prevention.

Certainly, the vast power of the IoT will create a network of billions of smart objects and use it smartly to make the country a safer place for children to grow and shine better tomorrow. Can have a big impact.
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This Company is Solving Last Mile to be revile

For those who grew up in a small town, many of my childhood memories include running to the nearest Kirana store to buy sweets. Also, I do things like clearing bills from my uncle at Kirana store and charging my mobile phone.

Often the local details belong to a large family and establish relationships with almost all other members.

Based on this relationship behind pen and paper, Payworld is growing its business. Payworld, a wallet support company, offers many financial services to consumers.

They offer a wealth of retail technology throughout India, serving consumers with support payments, loans, ticket reservations and even investment trust investment.

India entrepreneur caught up with Payworld COO Praveen Dhabhai to talk about changes in payments in India.

From top up to everything

A recent study by Standard & Poor's Rating Services found that 76% of American adults do not fully understand their key financial concepts.

Payworld, part of the Sugal & Damani Group, introduced when retail players began replenishing or recharging mobile, began enabling the same, and gradually moved to digitization services.

Realizing that the large segment of India still does not understand online financial services and transactions, they are now providing support.

Depending on the relationship between retailers and consumers, they set up retail outlets nationwide. People can then use financial services to make bill payments and other transactions.

"We have developed a technology platform that enables retailers to offer consumers. We have built over 100,000 retail points across India and gained 24 million users. They are consumers," said Dahab.

Di. Last year, they logged 80 million transactions.

After obtaining an insurance company license, a pilot project was initiated to provide insurance and mutual fund services. By partnering with NBFC, loans are also offered. "Score points are created based on consumer transactions, which determine the ability to collect a loan. The product is based on the data collected in the transaction," Davai said.

Dabai promotes financial inclusion through technology, but believes that touching people is also necessary for consumers who do not understand digital financials.

Bring the retail-challenges

The product market is very large, but there are challenges. Given the vast number of retailers across India, getting them for Payworld has been a daunting task. "We have established a local army and partnered with a distributor to reach out to a local store," he said.

However, the next challenge is to educate these people about the product. So the next step was to raise awareness and let retailers understand the products. Dhabhai says: “Retail training to meet the digital needs of consumers. There is also a call center to contact them.

Although competition exists, Dabai believes that everyone has their own market share given the large scale of this market.

Road ahead

American payment space has changed significantly over the years. After graduating from BITS Pilani and working for several global companies in IT and business development, Dhabhai believes people have started trusting digital payments for several years.

Over the next few years, their retail points will be increased to over 300,000 and targeted for an INR of 25,000 CR per year (currently an INR of 4,500 cr).

"Government initiatives like Aadhar Pay are only gaining confidence. During the protests, our transaction jumped 20-times, and then again normal growth.
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There Is a Creepy Side to Those 'Smart' toys to be gifted

Holiday shoppers try to "surprise" the season's top gifts (Amazon Echos, smart TVs, Internet-enabled games, etc.) to friends, family, and colleagues so they can inadvertently expose their gifts to the cybersecurity world.

Unfortunately, hackers are trying to expand their attacks across networks and emails are looking at devices connected to their home network.

Despite a recent security issue related to IoT devices (Smart Teddy Bear Defects), a recent study found that 65% of millennials are not aware of the risks of IoT, and the same percentage take this type of security seriously.

I understand that it was not. However, because the fireplace is already carefully filled, it is important to raise awareness of the types of threats that are causing such devices. Before making these final purchases, find out which popular items are most in danger and how homeowners can protect new toys.

Ho-Ho-Hold Phone-Consider these potential risks

The latest and hottest appliances are clearly on the holiday wish list, and there are good reasons for that! Many of them are not only fun to add to the home, but also add important elements useful for daily activities such as on / off lighting, music control, door locks, fun kids, etc.

In However, it is important for consumers to compare the pros and cons before bringing these things home.

One of the major risks associated with installing IoT devices is related to loss of privacy. With the evolution of IoT, devices equipped with video cameras must be avoided at all costs. I've seen vulnerabilities appear many times in connected cameras.

See here and examples here. While it makes sense to use IoT cameras outside for security reasons, bringing them home can be problematic.

In addition to security cameras, home appliances such as TVs, games, and vacuums are also equipped with video functions. Before buying and gifting these items, buyers need to think long and seriously about the potential impact.

So which devices are on Santa's prank list?

Last year, many games designed for children posed serious risks. Kera's doll is a typical example. Unfortunately, as manufacturers continue to develop and release connected games, security is not always a top priority when installing components such as remote audio and video capabilities.

Combined with the fact that children can easily become victims, shoppers should pay close attention when choosing technology devices integrated into the Internet for children.

From the home-connected perspective, smart speakers are a perfect example of a dangerous addition to the home. These items will be very popular this year, but it is important to evaluate the impact of their safety.

Last month, we confirmed the vulnerability of BlueBorne.

Important devices in this category were vulnerable to hackers via Bluetooth connectivity. This allowed malicious attackers to send false information by sending incorrect information (traffic reports and incorrect schedules) to smart speaker homeowners.

And what's the scariest thing? If a hacker has control over the connected device, it can spread to other network devices and eavesdrop on network traffic.

In addition, hackers are exposed to smart systems used to control door locks and garage door boxes. Apple's HomeKit is the latest example. As always, Apple was able to fix the problem quickly in a server-side patch.

Does this mean I need to remove the IoT device from my wish list?

Let's think realistically. The entire holiday buyers will not abandon the purchase of IoT devices as gifts, as IoT devices can be hacked.

And to be honest, many items still make great gifts — something that adds convenience and entertainment, such as automation of lighting and switching outlets, for example.

That said, consumers need to be diligent and protect these items, and devices with video cameras need special attention. Before buying an IoT device, ask the following questions:

Who is the manufacturer? Can a reputable or suspicious person save a few dollars? Look for products released by companies such as Amazon, Apple, Bose, and Google during this holiday season.

Many of these companies, such as Amazon and Google, already have patch solutions in place, so if a vulnerability occurs, the problem can be mitigated quickly. Initial costs can be incurred, but savings from potential security breaches are significant.
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How Aggregators Are Changing the Dynamics is helping in almost every thing

Today there are startups for everything you can think of. This sounds awkward, but it's not very convenient to have all apps on mobile. We all use different apps for different needs. It is the aggregator that solves the confusion and aggregates all these services on a single platform. Technology is important for aggregators.

From integrating various services into the platform to providing a simple interface and a quick solution to customer requirements, technology is the driving force.

Aggregators also mobilize workers in the market and open new hiring paths for them.Democratizing the process of providing equal opportunities for all service partners.

Timesaverz, an aggregator platform, gives you the option to choose your own job opportunities available.

In countries where the unemployment rate is very high, Timesaverz and other companies are helping many talented service professionals connect with end-users while at the same time gaining a stable income stream.

According to Debadutta Upadhyaya, co-founder and CEO of Timesaverz, this democratizes the entire process by providing equal opportunities to serve all service partners in the service area.

"It is important to have a pool of verified service partners in a specific region. This is one of the main reasons for choosing to do homework from an aggregator responsible for verification of service partners. explain in detail.

Price standardization

Price standardization is also essential because it needs to be transparent to customers. Aggregators are defined without fancy the service provider and imagination.

It's one of the important issues to solve. It is becoming increasingly apparent that aggregators are increasing the need for competitive pricing, delivery, and business performance.

"Terms are rapidly spreading across industries and assume a variety of forms. The wider the range of services a company offers, the greater the customer's traction. You need to think. ''

Zairus Master, CEO of, feels the cost of the total model is lower than a similar stand-alone business that can pass on to customers as a cost benefit.

"We can offer more promotional offers with better prices or more value at the same price than a single provider offers," he shared.

Because fixed prices are low, aggregators tend to be more agile and can change services faster than traditional businesses. Collaborate with new partners or introduce new products in combination to quickly respond to changing market demands.

There is no bias in the promotion of specific products

Unlike traditional businesses that push their own products, aggregators want to know where the demand is, so there is no unique product, so there is no bias in promoting a particular product.

"At Shine Learning, we are investigating which courses consumers are interested in and trying to find more of these courses in our extensive partner network," Master says.

Trend monitoring

The large amount of data that an aggregator process is large compared to a business standing alone, makes it easier to spot early trends. This also helps to advance the device faster and go beyond the curve.

"At Shine Learning, this means that you can gain new skills and courses before they become popular in the mainstream. Then you can actively pursue courses for new skills that will grow in the coming months.

" This helps students learning them because they require exactly the skills and they can finally count on us to get a job.

Aggregator opens additional channel customer acquisition

Sachin Jaiswal, CEO of, says the aggregator will open another customer acquisition channel for companies that provide this service.

Not only does the business have a presence in additional customer acquisition channels, Jaiswal also feels it can avoid the huge costs associated with advertising and discounts.

"If you are a merchant who offers bus reservations or hotel reservation services (Redbus for buses, Cleartrip for hotels).

you can be sure to add to the aggregator platform and transactions occurring on your platform ..., both aggregators and businesses work independently for one common cause — new customers and more businesses, allowing both An advantageous situation to occur. "

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Watch Out for These big scame

Unless you've been living under the rock for the past few weeks, you've heard a bit about a digital currency called Bitcoin. This price and other cryptocurrencies have skyrocketed, causing Tulip Mania style frenzy on Wall Street.

There has been a recent hype about Alt-coins, and there are reports that people are buying and buying second mortgages and home equity lines.

The volatility is so high that the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) stopped trading bitcoin twice on December 10 and once again on December 13, while Coinbase. Ethereum trading stopped.

For years, financial analysts have kept people away from cryptocurrencies by arguing that it is not too shaky with a secure investment.

However, the cost is so high that it is difficult for investors and entrepreneurs to see with larger new asset classes emerging.

But before people plummet, they need to understand the risks.

The cryptocurrency market is not only shaky, but also very obscure and fake.Since launching Bitcoin in 2009, these markets have been plagued by cyber attacks and fraud that have invested millions of dollars in investors.

To make matters worse, cryptocurrencies are not protected by the FDIC and cannot cover losses in theft.There are two main ways that cryptocurrency investors lose their shirts to scammers.

One is when hackers attack the infrastructure that supports these component markets (eg trades, digital wallets, mining companies, web hosting services, etc.).

Reuters estimates that since 2011, 980,000 bitcoins, worth $ 15 to $ 18 billion in current prices, have been stolen from cryptocurrency exchanges. A recent example is the NiceHash hack in December, when investor funds lost $ 64 million.

Also in November, the tether for $ 30 million was anchored. Someone misusing Parity's software freeze $ 160 million into an investor account. And don't forget the big mountains. The 2014 Gox Hack - $ 460 million lost.

Second, criminal investor targets directly. There are a variety of these online scams, often using "social engineering" tactics, but the main things to worry about are first coin offering (ICO) scams, phone gates, fake wallets, malware. .

Not many investors can protect themselves from attacks on cryptocurrency systems, but they can take steps to reduce the risk of falling into targeted attacks.Here is a breakdown of the following four attacks and how to mitigate the threat:

First Scam Offering (ICO) scam

ICO is when a new cryptocurrency is invented to offer investors. Needless to say, this is a regulated and dangerous activity, but it also suffers from scammers.

ICO fraud happens in two ways. The first is when criminals create fake ICOs and steal money from investors. This occurred in December when the SEC closed the PlexCoin ICO and claims to be a $ 15 million scam.

The second type of ICO scam is that hackers "parody" or disguise their legitimate ICO to make investors mind of paying for a real company.

This happened recently at ICO in Kik, the messaging giant.

Cybercriminals typically create fake websites or social media accounts and use email scams to promote fake "pre-sale" offers and other tricks. Chainalysis recently estimated that imitation ICOs will cost $ 225 million in costs to 30,000 investors this year alone.

CoinDesk confirms the validity of the claimed ICO. Don't fall for best selling tactics or truthful offers, especially if you receive them via email or social media messages, as there is a high likelihood of scams. See SEC advice on ICO investments.

Phone port

Theft of personal information on a mobile phone, also known as "phone port", means that criminals can steal someone's phone number by tricking a mobile provider and giving them control over the account. Once you have a phone number, you can reset your password to a digital wallet and empty your account.

These cryptocurrency transactions cannot be canceled, so investors can lose everything. According to Federal Trade Commission statistics, phone transplant attacks generally increased by 256% between 2013 and 2016.

Security Tips: Generally, mobile providers are encouraged to add a unique PIN and account verification questions to improve security.
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9 Often Unknown But Crucial is creating new app

Mobile applications are today. If your business doesn't have the app, you won't be a top competitor in the market. In fact, you miss the client's world. Maybe you are already thinking of moving to a mobile approach, but there are many questions.

What should you know before investing in app development? This blog post explains the basics of the mobile industry with nine unknown (but important) components for building apps.

Progress in the app industry

Within a few years after the launch of smartphones, the mobile app industry also flourished. And it's a furious pace.

In the past, there were only a few games and security applications, but now there are hundreds of thousands of apps that can be installed on mobile devices.

Did you know that there are an estimated 2 million apps in the Apple store this year and 2.2 million apps in the Google Play store? Research shows that the usage of certain apps continues to grow day by day as more people find smartphones.

In fact, 52% of the time finding people using smartphones is using apps like Facebook, Twitter apps, or some game apps. This clearly emphasizes the fact that not only is the app industry growing, but addiction has generated millions.

What is the reason for the rise of the app industry?

So why has the app industry exploded? The answer is very simple. Apps provide all kinds of user content. From news to media, politics to religion, entertainment education and games, almost everything is available in app form.

Research shows that people no longer feel the need to use desktop computers or laptops. Apps are easier to use than websites and more attractive to people. This is why every company that wants to thrive or gains focus on building compelling apps.

According to statistics, the mobile app industry has generated more than $ 77 billion. You will be surprised to learn that young people are not people who control the use of apps.

Instead, the most important group of app users is 18-24 years old, followed by younger users and older users. Also, according to the survey, women mostly use social apps like Facebook compared to men and children.

The main reason people like apps is easy to use, focus and target. For example, if someone wants to buy clothes, you can easily download apps to your favorite brand.

This is even easier with Progressive Web Apps, which allows you to use the app without having to download it to your phone.

App users not only immediately notify about sales and discounts, but provide additional bonuses for using these apps. This targeted approach allows the user to browse what they need in less time and effort.

9 I didn't know about the app, but what to do

Here are nine best kept secrets on the apps you need to know to create the best app for your business:

The app is not built in a vacuum. Therefore, why you needclarify the purpose of the app. This is why target market surveys are the first thing you need to do before you can start building your current app. What is your target audience like?

What are your competitors doing? How can I come up with something unique enough to meet customer requirements and stand out? The easiest way to get this information is to compile a survey. Through online and offline surveys, you can find what your target audience is looking for in the app.

Get attention in seconds

You should capture the target audience's attention within seconds. Reason-Well, there are a lot of apps to attract notice. Once they get interested, you need to be important enough that they give you some space in their limited phone space.

You can help this process by creating a "lightweight" app that doesn't take up much space.

 Keep your interests alive

This is even more difficult than actually getting the attention. 70-80% of people delete an app within a few days of using it because they are bored. Therefore, you need to keep your app bringing new things to the user's eyes. Therefore, the app must be attractive (attract short-term attention) and attractive (for long-term use).

 Increased costs and weighted images and animation

The more photos, animations, and videos you use, the higher the cost of the app. Don't choose too many pixels unless you have a big budget.

Note: However, if you use an app builder like Bizness Apps, you don't have to worry about these additional costs.
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Protect Your Business! The 7 is need to be made it

If you do not take aggressive steps to protect digital assets in a pure and simple business, you are at risk. According to Symantec, about 43% of cyber attacks focus on small businesses. One reason is that they are not only valid, but are so small that they are vulnerable.

According to the National Cyber ​​Security Alliance, 60% of hacked SMEs will be out of business within six months of the attack, as that is not enough.

Here, the intuitive correlation can be explained here. A company that does not invest enough in cybersecurity will probably not invest enough in other areas of the business.

But statistics are still a concern, so if you want to protect your business, you need to make the necessary investments and improvements to protect your business.

The problem is that the cyber security world is confusing and intimidating for inexperienced entrepreneurs or businesses without a formal IT department.

Fortunately, you do not need a technical expert to make the right investment and protection decisions. In fact, there are several tools that can keep you safe and the majority of potential attacks.

The most important security tool

These are some of the most important security tools your business needs.Password tool. According to Deloitte, passwords are one of the biggest vulnerabilities in business, and 90% of passwords are so vulnerable that they are vulnerable to hacking.

Choosing strong passwords, managing them effectively, and changing them are some of the best ways to prevent cybercrime.

The problem is that it is difficult to organize everything in business. This is why security tools like 1Password are useful. Provides a centralized and secure place to manage all passwords and keep them updated and secure.

VPN You must also use a virtual private network (VPN) that can encrypt all network traffic. This eliminates the need to worry about external spying forces on your work.

Because cyber criminals need only one network vulnerability to access all the data, investing in tools like SaferVPN is ideal when you have multiple users on multiple devices.

Antivirus software. You also need to invest in antivirus software for your device. Antivirus software is not a reliable way to protect against hackers, but it alerts you if your computer is infected with malware and email attachment scans make sure they are not fake.

Firewall. Next, you need to invest in an incoming monitor firewall with outgoing traffic, exclude specific threats, and completely block some sites. A solid firewall alone does not protect you from all threats on the Internet, but is an additional layer of insurance.

The best hardware. Older computers, servers, and other hardware are cheaper, but pose a greater security risk. There is a security hole that has a tendency to run older software and has been known and exploited for many years.

Update your hardware regularly every few years.

Best software (all compatible). You should also pay attention to the types of software and applications used for tasks such as data storage, communications, and project management.

Each platform has its strengths and weaknesses, so choose a reliable vendor with a long history of protecting customer data.

Education. Finally, invest in educational tools that can be used to train and update staff. Because most hacks are due to human error, the more employees are educated on cybersecurity best practices, the less vulnerable they are.

Each month, you have the time to check for new news and remind employees of the importance of customizing such as changing passwords regularly and avoiding suspicious links.

Maintain alertness

In 2016, more than 14 million companies were "hacked" but they didn't need the next business.

As long as you make wise investments, regularly monitor and improve employee habits, and keep up with the latest digital threats, vulnerabilities can be significantly minimized. Even non-technical people have the power to protect companies from cyber threats.
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How is Big Data Streamlining to the business perpotion

Big data has evolved over the years, transforming data into various formats. From industry data to customer-centric behavioral data. Big data models are changing the way companies operate and creating more data streams insight.

Big data models create new opportunities for growth, increase the true potential of the products or services offered, streamline business operations to meet customer needs and expand internal processes through efficient execution.

With higher profit margins and overall happier customers.

Every growing business requires data insights to take advantage of strategy and improve execution, making it less important for scale and industry or enterprise.

Big data is expected to be integrated into a booming market by 2020, enabling companies to explore this area with peak growth experiences. Data processing and storage costs have dropped significantly, and there has been an essential growth in big data adoption.

Big data becomes a healthy solution for business prosperity data by analyzing large amounts of data that address user-specific or business-specific issues. Big data has given the business intelligence team more scope.

Twenty years ago, who imagined the potential of "business intelligence" and the differences it made on the table of statistical insights? These topics shed some light on the future of big data and how it is changing the business model.

Generate new business insights

Big data has the ability to segment data and channel insights by extracting more data from existing resources. New untapped channels like social media are also playing a big role in generating new business insights.

Improve operational processes

Financial firms use integrated analysis to track fraudulent transactions or use it to dynamically produce user suggestions for each user based on browsing history. The platform analysis is also useful for preventative maintenance.

Helps predict imaging and caution based on timely analysis. These measures play an important role in improving the overall operational process of the company.

Collect customer intelligence

Customer intelligence is a fast growing area that is attracting attention from companies. Companies just don't want to meet customer needs.

They aim to create products and services that lead to the catering of modern "smart" customers. Through big data, customer intelligence can achieve new and revolutionary growth.

Increase the volume of data

With the exponential growth of handheld and internet-connected devices, companies continue to generate large amounts of data. Also interesting is the new way of analyzing large amounts of data. Businesses are moving from standard SQL to more advanced models like Spark.

Tools for analyzing business data

With new announcements from Microsoft and Salesforce, we expect to see new growth tools that allow non-coders to create apps that display business data.

Include normative intelligence in your business

By 2020, normative analytics will be integrated into business analysis software, making the analysis smarter.

Real-time analysis is the futureUsers will want to access real-time data that facilitates better decision-making in Kafka and Spark.Machine learning in data analysisGartner predicts that machine learning will be a key component of predictive analytics for business data by 2020.

The algorithm market is here

According to Forrester reports, companies invest in buying algorithms rather than programs and adding them to their own data.

Cognitive computing is rising

According to current trends, analytics and big data are linked. Given the changes in computing, the future will depend on the buzzword "cognitive computing". Companies rely on cognition to drive business insights.

Big data in the next 10 years and beyond has a rich range. Companies may experience drift in the use of big data, but the harsh elements of operating a business model and data-driven technology still prevail. Big data is more like a trip than a destination in the near future.
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6 Critical Questions to Help Businesses is cutting through AI application

It is always satisfactory when a specialist confirms that you are suspicious. Research firm Gartner conducted a critical analysis that Artificial Intelligence (AI) reached "extended peaks in expectations" and put a real shot at coffee in the morning last summer. .

If Elon Musk expects an AI to worry about, call back to the business software level. It's actually not as common as it seems. AI has already changed the way data is used to understand the world.

It has also become corporate fashion. For each AlphaGo Zero, there are 1000 companies (startups and long established companies) that have AI labels attached to their products, such as the bread strips of the 1980 machines.

There is no doubt that AI has made significant and rapid progress in the past few years. My challenge is hype aggression, which reflects the tech bubble of the late 1990s and early 2000s. Risk: Buy an overfilled commitment rather than a product with a proven return on investment (ROI).

Hype advertising sometimes clouds our judgment on purpose.

If you share my doubts, but feel equally important and want to avoid too much attention, there are six questions that can help you tune your BS detector.

What business problems are you trying to solve?

This is the most important question and has nothing to do with AI. Certainly, some companies find value in experience, but open-end projects should be handled with great care. We recommend that you clearly define the business problem you want to solve.

Business investment needs to be evaluated against three criteria: increased revenue, reduced costs, and reduced risk?

Pinning new technology into at least one of these fundamentals establishes its value. Then ranking ownership and accountability is the best way to get the technology initiative on track.

 Why do we need AI to solve this problem?

Maybe you don't. True to the AI ​​and apply knowledge and skills. Suitable for situations where variation and novelty exist, but difficult to build and therefore requires a premium. Consider the complexity of self-driving car surfing on busy city streets. Does your business problem involve ongoing issues?

Machines that improve on a step-by-step basis are compelling, but you need to focus on the results, not the technology used to achieve them.

Do you find a margin for improvement that makes AI costs worthwhile? Comes with a test that evaluates the size of the margin. Run on paper and run again in a proof-of-concept project. Make sure AI won the award.

Do you have enough data to use AI?

The best AI solutions outperform those in certain tasks, such as cancer cell recognition analysis and false trader determination at investment banks.

But machine learning to understand for dirty and consistent information requires a lot of training. AI uses models to understand and generalize the world. It is difficult to find enough examples to build a good model.

Lots of historical data is available from the healthcare system or from banks. Can you? Finding a relevant example to find a relevant example, if possible, is time consuming and expensive.

To overcome this hurdle, some companies have started developing AI modeling software that makes the process faster and cheaper. Still, it's a difficult task whenever data is scarce.

Related: Big Data, Big Deal! Five ways to be revolutionized in 2018

 Do I need to build or buy an AI solution?

If you are incorporating AI into your company product or service, your internal functions can make sense. Still, do not underestimate the resources and expertise involved. A carefully chosen partner can provide a faster path to glory.

If you are working on a known business problem, it is best to work with an experienced trader. You must not be overwhelmed by technology.

Everything you buy must be customized or tailored to your environment and requirements. Focus on understanding the business domain and the type of data that consultants need to leverage.

How much does the seller know my domain?

Some vendors claim that AI is experienced in irrelevant domains. Don't Believe I Work with a consultant who doesn't need to learn business from scratch is faster and less stressful.

Review relevant experiences and partnerships with potential sellers. Can merchant leaders provide examples of equivalent problem-solving production for others?

If your problem is truly unique, look for experienced experts dealing with parallel challenges in different industries and similar types of data.

 Do you have a proven ROI?

In the Gartner report, "expanding expectations at peak" followed by the same "fascinating swallow of disillusionment".
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Today's Shortage in Code Development with a new thing

Mobile apps are essentially digital gateway shooters. An app is not addictive by itself, but each app can form habits and use other addictive apps.

What starts as Tween’s love for candy crushes immediately turns into an obsession, and five years later, Instagram “likes”. Even Facebook's vice president of growth users, Chamath Palihapitiya, expressed the guilt that social media and other mobile apps have brought to society.

Palihapitiya recently said at a conference at Stanford Business School.

Although Palihapitiya's remarks may indicate the beginning of a critique of social media and his app, mobile does not show signs of slowing down. Cisco's annual report on mobile traffic growth reports that by 2020, more people will own mobile phones than electricity.

Needless to say, mobile apps will be a $ 188 billion global market.

From a corporate perspective, Gartner predicts that by the end of this year, the demand for mobile app development expertise will grow up to five times that internal most of its departmental organizations can handle today. So if you have a business, it is more important than ever to have a solid mobile app strategy.

So how exactly do you implement that app strategy?

Entrepreneurs often struggle to develop apps. Because there is a lack of internal team needed to develop apps.

Even if you have enterprise development teams, they rarely have the resources and tools they need to develop apps that achieve their end goals. And without the right tools, the process from conception to development takes a long time.

Of course, time means an increase in costs, potentially meaning that competitors get to market faster.

Even if a developer eventually finds the least executable product (MVP), that product still has to go through countless layers of management approval and feedback, which can further delay the process.

However, app development doesn't have to be that complicated. With the right approach, companies can develop apps faster and solve problems before they become serious problems.

Here are some steps that all entrepreneurs can take to upgrade their strategies to drive app development.

Reduce the amount of code.

Most modern entrepreneurs are familiar with the most basic level of coding, but a rough knowledge of building and launching mobile apps is of little use.

Needless to say, the code that builds these apps is often more complex than necessary. This is because companies try to develop their own code instead of relying on proven methods to help simplify the process.

"Simplifying the code that runs the app is one of the best ways to ensure continuous performance and rapid development," Lassen continues.

 Use visual interface.

For those looking for a more user-friendly app development experience, here's a tip: the visual development interface makes the design process easier.

With this approach, developers select options from a visual interface that closely resembles the apps they use on a daily basis, rather than burying their noses throughout the day.

"Keeping a consistent look, behavior and brand identity across different platforms and apps is important and can only be achieved through intensive collaboration between designers, developers and stakeholders," Lassen said.

"In my experience, it is important to be able to do this on a single integrated platform because it eliminates the friction and frustration of everyone involved.

"In general, it doesn't make sense to invest in expensive prototypes, and then ask someone to see, interpret and reimplement the native language."

Adopt full lifecycle app support.

Make no mistake: the low-code development platform does not focus solely on the first build phase. Instead, these options support the entire delivery of the app, from design to build, deployment, and iteration.

Iteration is the most important factor in app development, probably because of the enthusiastic rate that consumer demand has changed.

The ability to integrate user feedback into an application without the help of external developers and IT teams means that latest app can bring to market faster and can be updated seamlessly throughout the app lifecycle.
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3 Chrome Extensions That Can is making new ecommerce business

One of the best ways an entrepreneur can take to grow is to use the right tools. Speeding the process of data analysis and gaining a deeper understanding of the customer base can benefit the business.

Investing in these tools has been a worthwhile endeavor.

Fortunately, the days of trial and error are becoming a thing of the past. Entrepreneurs are increasingly connected to the dynamics of everything, from how products are placed on Amazon to how to identify the most trusted factory in Alibaba.

Tools? Respect the power of innovative Chrome extensions that allow software tools to be layered on a web page.

The Chrome extension gives users a more advanced experience and experience on their website. Extension, for example, is how Grammarians first grow to 2 million daily users. This is because you can enable tabs to check on almost any web page.

Entrepreneurs looking for a great year of 2018 should consider applying these Chrome extension tools to better prepare their e-commerce platform for the New Year's success.


One of the most difficult things about starting an e-commerce venture is investing in social media presence to stay competitive in addition to the time spent optimizing, improving and managing your website and business.

Without a regular flow of content publishing, social media pages look bad, unattractive, and rustic. And it can reduce consumer confidence in your brand. In addition, your business will lack more audience and user engagement that can bring social proof and increased conversion.

Don't let that do you! Regardless of how crowded your social media space is in the industry or how busy you are in business, social media games need to keep on point.

Here, buffering is useful.

It's one of the best ways to share content on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn from anywhere on the Internet and integrate directly with social media platforms for a seamless customer experience.

Buffer allows you to create posts and spread content throughout the day. As a result, it doesn't appear all at once (it looks like you could focus on curating your social media profile in minutes). Enable Chrome's browser extension and try it. You will be amazed at how easy it is to maintain engagement across multiple social media.

And surely time is important here. As an entrepreneur, it is probably your most important asset.

This means that all the tools that promise to save time, optimize processes and make life easier need to be at the forefront of their efforts and are the latest and greatest improvements to doing business. You should always keep an eye on it.

Factory confirmation

Starting an e-commerce company starts with establishing a proper factory relationship to procure your product, but it is very difficult for a single screen entrepreneur to count countless potentials. Do.

Aiming to get in touch with the required factories, even using resources like Alibaba, designed to promote international business and help entrepreneurs find products and suppliers quickly and efficiently. It can be a struggle for entrepreneurs.

In fact, about 80% of Alibaba's manufacturers are trading companies or distributors, not current factories that handle the needs of new e-commerce vendors.

Therefore, Chrome extensions like factory confirm are very important tools. Analyzing more than 20 data points from company pages, external third-party research, manufacturing and Sourcify data to validate Alibaba's manufacturer list and allow entrepreneurs to connect with legitimate factories for free.

Jungle Scout

According to Statista, Amazon generated $ 22.990 million third-party sales and revenue services in 2016, and on Monday alone, the seller itself ordered more than 28 million products.

Worldwide, the number of successful third-party sellers of Amazon continues to grow, making it an attractive option for e-commerce vendors who want to increase their audience.

But since almost everything you can think of on Amazon is available (need it if you're not Amazon?), Entrepreneurs question whether their products have a big impact on the platform and are worth posting there. I think.

Jungle Scout is a Chrome extension that allows users to validate product ideas and reliable sales data such as product rank, sales, revenue, reviews, ratings, and more. If you're wondering whether a product idea will splash into such a huge market, this tool.
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How to Leverage Video Marketing in the all new business

80% said the video.Great, but what was the question?"How would you like to learn about a product or service when both text and video are available on the same web page?"

Oh, really? However, the video was a video chat on YouTube and I thought the gamer was just making an interesting video.

A video appears!

This is the main and central point of online marketing efforts.For years was TV so? The only difference is that anyone with a camera is a content creator, and anyone with a smartphone can be a producer or consumer.

According to Cisco's Visual Index Network, by 2019, global consumer web video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer web traffic.

But how do you implement video in marketing?

Take advantage of these 5 video marketing trends to eliminate old outdated conversion methods and accelerate marketing in 2018

Email video

Most marketers have long discovered that email-rich emails do not pass email filters.
Smart marketers move prospects into marketing focus using plain text emails that include high-profile headlines and body-based email stories.

Now there is the latest advantage: video embedded in the email. Marketers can communicate directly with consumers and be individuals, as well as use rich media to persuade prospects.

Wistia calls them video messaging. Email videos are the hottest tool added to the marketplace toolbox. Use it before all the world is crazy about it.

Action tips:

Have the CRM and email marketing team try the video by email. Check your engagement and click notes. If the score improves, the winner is on hand.

Video Website

Static page eras are over. In the late 1990s or early 2000s, people were enthusiastic about visiting websites. Content blast floods all inboxes and content. Today, someone visits your website because they click on either social media or email links.

Website video is committed to a different level.

Imagine a customer clicking on a landing page. What do you want him to meet? Is a vanity page static and simple or a personal greeting video that attracts customers to the offer?
Video Landing pages can increase conversions by more than 80%.

Web video can also help explain regular or ongoing procedures. For example. B2B clients use videos on a daily basis to demonstrate use cases that might otherwise handle the majority of pages on a website.

Action tips:

A video landing page is required. A / B test landing pages with and without video to see which score is best. Once you are convinced, explore how you can incorporate videos into each content page.

Live video explosion

Did you know that 80% prefer watching live video brands over reading blogs and 82% prefer live video over social posts?

People spend three times as much as watching non-Facebook videos. Facebook sends notifications to your followers while streaming. You can also see comments on who is watching. Live video creates a great opportunity for Q&A sessions and live interaction.

Live video helps clients interact with you and get to know you at the human level. This personal interaction produces a more detailed preference than any print campaign. We all know that doing business with others and Live Video helps to strengthen that relationship.

Action tips:

Use Facebook Live to see a spike in engagement rates. If you run a webinar, use Facebook Live video streaming and also content files for email.

Native videos

Previously, the only way to post videos on Facebook or LinkedIn was to post a YouTube link. No more.
Native videos are videos that are uploaded directly to social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Facebook's native video has 10 times reached the YouTube link.

Everyone knows that Facebook publishes many native videos. Upload video recommendations and food details daily.

LinkedIn recently made it possible to post videos directly to the app.At the same time, the same content rules apply to the video. The type of video you post on Facebook differs from LinkedIn.

Action tips

If you have an important business video to help solve consumer problems, edit it for your platform and upload it directly to LinkedIn. If you do this on Facebook, headlines are required because 80% of Facebook videos are watched without sound.

Video on the go

More than half of the video content is watched on mobile, with 92% of mobile video viewers sharing videos with others.

This represents a significant shift from mobile to on-the-go video delivery because of the desktop's long advantage over video.
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How Will Blockchain Redefine in this digital era

The digital marketing industry is dynamic. You need to adapt to innovation and new focus shift focus.In 2017, the blockchain will take some time. And it is shaking up the digital marketing industry.

So what is a blockchain?

A set of events (and data) is stored forever.The blockchain is a public ledger that keeps records and is visible to everyone and shared with all users. Each participant can record a new transaction from the list. The data is safe, unchangeable, and is permanent. This is stored in the block and can only be built and cannot be changed.

IBM CEO Gini Rometty explains the blockchain as follows: "Fundamental technology that can bring trust and efficiency to the exchange of everything. This is changing the way the world works. Blockchain does what the Internet does for information in transactions."

Here's what blockchain means for digital marketing:

Improve accountability and smart contracts - Blockchain allows companies to sign smart contracts. Mohit Mamoria, an Indian blockchain expert, said in a Hackernoon post: These include software code and are executed by a blockchain network.

After being triggered, they are completely immutable and can only be replaced by new contracts. "In addition, these deals make money and stock exchanges transparent.

Influencer marketing and blogging is the domain that applies smart deals directly.When you reach an influencer to call on Instagram or YouTube, the influencer determines the price.

No third party controls the terms of the contract.

With smart contracts, you can meet the obligations of all parties involved, so you only pay after the conditions are met.For example, if a blogger fails to publish an article on a brand or social media post, the smart contract will not drop the payment

To move to the next step in the process, every milestone must be achieved.

Intermediate Reduction-Network ads collect data from users who have access to publisher sites and sell users' data and profiles to other advertisers. It uses a small code called a cookie to track users on the Internet.

According to Forrester analysts, when publishers remove brokers, CPM increases from $ 1 to $ 5.

With blockchain, publishers can create their own networks to keep data instead of retrieving data from ad networks.

Ultimately, companies can completely skip the ad buying process. Ilya Orlov, co-founder of TravelChain, believes marketers have immediate access to customer data.

Companies can use microcurrent to track measures such as the attention of current audiences rather than fingerprints. Companies provide customers with easier and cheaper access, and travelers receive special offers based on browsing history and information sharing rewards.

This enhances customer loyalty to service providers.

Previously, advertisers obtained information about viewers from different sources. With blockchain advertising, you can build customer profiles from data that customers want to share. This allows you to create personalized ads and show them users who are most likely to buy a product or service.

Improving transparency - Jitendra Vaswani, a prominent blogger and digital marketer, said: One question facing big companies is trust.

Consumers are skeptical about many things, from where the food comes from and the state of the factory where the product is made. Our job as marketers is to build trust so that products can be sold. Blockchain enhances the customer experience by providing tremendous power to the customer. "

So, what is the easiest way to gain confidence? When they were transparent.Walmart worked with IBM on a project to make the supply chain process seamless. They started with the Chinese details, using the track blockchain where the pork came from.

This has increased consumer confidence at Walmart.

# 4. Loyalty Payment Distribution-Blockchain provides near real-time and accurate distribution of royalty-based payment, as specified in smart contracts.

Publications can follow the usage and consumption of all readers using the blockchain.Content marketing expert and overflowing cash founder Pardeep Goyal, as a marketer, wants to join an existing protocol to verify whether blockchain solves marketing problems.

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