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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Natural ways to help lower your cholesterol

Natural ways to aid lower your cholesterol

Drink your way to health

Studies suggest that coriander seeds can aid lower the levels of bad cholesterol. In a pan, approximately roast two to 3 teaspoons of coriander seeds and grind later. Boil with 1 cup of water, strain and drink. Moreover, green tea without sugar can even help lower cholesterol levels and increase high-density lipo protein or good cholesterol. You can enjoy the advantages of either of these drinks twice daily.

Contain more vitamin C

Because it is an antioxidant, vitamin C aids increase good levels of cholesterol and triglycerides, while reducing the levels of bad cholesterol. You can snack on citrus fruits like  oranges, papayas, kiwis, grapefruits, etc. Moreover, studies claim that drinking three glasses of freshly prepared orange juice a day can aid lower the levels of bad cholesterol.

Improve intake of omega-3 fatty acids

Fulled with omega-3 fatty acids, fish aids reduce inflammation, decrease the levels of bad cholesterol and improve the good cholesterol. Mackerel, tuna, salmon, and sardines are all best sources of omega 3 fatty acids. Moreover, flaxseeds too are great sources of omega-3s fatty acids. You can either directly eat 2 tablespoons of flaxseeds or grind and add to your meals. Besides, you can also utilize flaxseed oil in your salads and daily cooking.

Embrace the goodness of a garlic and cinnamon

The health advantages of garlic have long been known. Containing two to 3 cloves of garlic in your daily cooking can aid reduce the harmful cholesterol from the body. Alternatively, add a punch to all meals by sprinkling few cinnamon powder into them. You can even add half a tablespoon of ground cinnamon to your morning cup of Joe.

Oatmeal for a breakfast

Oats are enriched with the soluble fibers, beta glucan, and aid reduce bad cholesterol. Eating 1 cup of oatmeal every morning is the best and simplest way to beating cholesterol. To up your health game, you can even contain freshly cut fruits like bananas, apples, kiwis, grapefruits, walnuts, almonds, etc.

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Monday, October 3, 2022

Essential haircare hacks for curly hair

Necessary hair care hacks for curly hair

1. Utilize shampoo sparingly

Ignore shampooing hair too regularly. A typical shampoo includes harsh chemicals (sulphates, in specific ), which strips hair off its natural oils and moisture. Dry hair coequal split ends and brittle hair.

2. Lose the frizz 

Don’t Utilize a towel to dry your hair; you’re going to lose a moisture. Instead, swap the absorptive towel for an old cotton tee. The tee squeezes out the excess water and detains breakage of brittle hair. See?  

3. Satin dreams

Just such as a bath towel, a cotton pillowcase absorbs a moisture and strips out the natural oil from your mane. So you wake up with a dry hair and frizzy untamed curls that stay with you for the rest of the day. Instead, try satin a pillowcases.

4. Brushes aren’t nice

Brushes to curls are such as salt in brownies. The bristles harm already delicate and injured hair and do absolutely nothing to untangle the mess that is your curls. Choose for a wide-toothed comb or easily  finger-comb your hair from the nape of your neck to the top of your head; from root to tip!

5. Diffuse the trouble 

Desist from utilizing  a hairdryer frequently. If you must, switch to 1 with a diffuse attachment. It minimizes the frizz by evenly a distributing the heat.

6. Know your curl kind 

Different patterns of curls need different styling and maintenance routines. Confirm that you zero down on your specific curl type before you go about selecting products and setting a routine in place for the same.

7. Go for a trim daily 

Curly hair faces the troubles of split ends more easily, and is even  prone to shrink from its original length. Getting a trim each 6-8 weeks will not only eliminate split ends, it will even aid you have a better control of your hair length.

8. Begin from the bottom

With curly hair, whether you’re utilizing a brush to detangle, or you’re utilizing a conditioner, it’s always good to start at the ends and work your way to the top.

9. Seal your cuticles

Sealing the cuticles of your hair aid lock in some much required moisture in your tresses, and it’s the simplest thing o do. Just utilize a dime-sized quantity of your favored frizz cream to detain the humidity from getting in and taking the moisture away from your locks.

10. Keep your diet a curl-friendly

Foods such as salmon, carrots walnuts, eggs and green leafy vegetables are rich in the vitamins and minerals that boost the health of your hair. Confirm that you are consuming the correct foods to ensure that your curls stay a happy and healthy for longer.

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Beauty Essentials That Can Save You On A Rainy Day

Beauty Essentials That Can Save You On A Rainy Day

Monsoon is a season of moisture and rain that always ends up spoiling our makeup. It’s difficult to sustain one’s make-up during monsoon, but what if we said you there were ways to keep your look fresh and vibrant for longer? “Keeping your skin a flawless, oil-free, and non-greasy during the monsoons needs using specific products and a few simple techniques. In the similar vein, we're here to supply you with the beauty and makeup necessities you'll require to withstand the rain-gods!,” says Aashka Goradia Goble, Co-Founder, Renee Cosmetics who shares life-saving solutions, your makeup will stay intact as you fun  the rain.

👉Get Monsoon Ready With These Makeup And a Beauty Essentials

• Lip & Cheek tints are a best  way to get the right amount of color on your face and lips and get that natural makeup look with ease.

• Matte Lipsticks which are a waterproof, smudge-proof & transfer-proof are your best bet due to they won't bleed and stay put for long hours also in humid conditions.

• Invest in a moisturizing primer or pre-makeup oil or an all-in-one BB cream for the monsoon to make your skin for a perfect base and aid your make-up last longer.

• Choose for a long-lasting, waterproof & smudge-proof eyeliner with impeccable hold. With this product, you can count on a bold color payoff also in the rain without worrying about your eye make-up getting smudged.

• The monsoon season can be a gloomy and sticky. But a lightweight blush or cheek tint will add a dash of freshness to the face quickly , dab on few highlighter on your cheekbones to add some glam to the face.

Monsoon can end up ruining your makeup, so be experimental and feel free to utilize whatever makes you feel gorgeous. Do not let rains or any other season effect your innate charm.

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Saturday, October 1, 2022

4 Specialty Cafes You Must Visit In Mumbai

Four Specialty Cafes You Must Visit In Mumbai

1. Subko Coffee Roasters and Bake house

Aiming at making an Asian specialty coffee movement, Subko coffee source their coffee products from India itself. They are known to roast complex yet balanced coffee grown in different part of the country through several of their blends. They also bake their own breads like sourdough, cold brew and chocolates in collaboration with Mason & Co.

Where: The Bandra West

2. Bun & Only

Bun & Only is a gourmet burger destination for those whose like for burgers is insatiable. The menu is curated by Chef Gracian de Souza who has worked for over 18 years in the India and UK and is predominantly experienced in an European cuisine. The bestsellers here is the Portobello & Blue Cheese burger and several other vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties.

Where: The Santacruz West

3. Coco Cafe

Cococart’s new flagship store is now in the Mumbai. It even houses CocoCafe – a quaint bistro giving delicacies curated by Chef Karishma Sakhrani. Cocokart is the gatekeeper to world’s most popular chocolates and now is open to those craving for all thing decadent and chocolate-y. 

Where: The Fort

4. Pie & Co

Everyone likes a piece of pie and Mumbai has a new place to feast on this English delicacy. With pies for vegetarians and non-vegetarians, you have everything from a spinach and chilli pumpkin peanut to butter chicken and mutton kheema. You also have dessert pies, so you know where to get your next from!

Where: The Juhu & Bandra

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Friday, September 30, 2022

Make Sure You Check These Off Your List Before Buying A Dishwasher

Make Sure You Check These Off Your List Before Buying A Dishwasher

Not All Utensils Are a Dishwasher-Safe

Indian households utilize an array of utensils that differ in material. They are not all dishwasher-secure as a dishwasher functions with hot water. Not all utensils such as plastics, aluminum, cast iron, or wood might get damaged when exposed to a high amount of heat. So, look for a dishwasher that checks off most, if not all of these materials to a lighten your load. 

Not every Dishwashers Are Have A Scrub Function

Even though dishwashers wash the utensils without having to do anything manually, there are still few things you will have to take care of, no matter how high-end the dishwasher is. It is recommended that huge pieces of leftover food be removed before stacking the utensils in the washer. For times when a utensil is burnt or has food stuck to the base, you should scrub the base a small before putting it into the dishwasher. The washer will utilize high-pressure water to clean dishes, but it might not be very impressive if something is stuck to the utensil. It might also clog your dishwasher.

Feature Specifications

There are a lot of dishwashers in the market, and their features and ability differ extensively. Brands have began making washers that cater more to the Indian household. Having said that, you require to look into the kind of utilize you want from your washer. The number of utensils that require to be washed every day, water filtration system, wash cycle, operating system, etc.

Dishwasher Necessary 

A dishwasher needs  a few washing essentials, like salts, rinse helps, and special detergents. These products are made particularly to the catered needs of a dishwasher’s mechanism, and it will need you to spend a specific amount every month to utilize your dishwasher. Few companies recommend particular products that suit their washers better, but there are many others you can choose from too.

Know-How To Maintain

Such as every other electrical appliance, a dishwasher even  requires maintenance. Confirm  you do not cause a blockage by letting leftover food settle in your washer. Keep in mind to clean the washer after utilize. This will even prevent moisture and microbes from settling. Remember that overloading the machine will harm it over time and not provide  you the desired cleaning.

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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Decor Tips To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Decor Tips To Keep Your House Cool This Summer

Light Coloured Walls

Your walls reflect and radiate maximum light and heat, so go for milder tones in order to keep your home cool. You can choose for neutral tones or the classic white. You can even pick lighter tones of heavy colours such as soft grays, beige, powder pinks or aqua, depending on the colour palate of the space. If a solid heavy colour must be included , you can have it on a single accent wall as opposed to all over the room to keep it light, both in terms of the look and the heat.

Lighter Fabrics

Avoid utilizing leather in upholstery and opt for smoother fabrics that create the space cozy and comfortable to lounge in. Replace heavy rugs with those in natural fabrics such as jute or linen. Swap fur throw pillow cases for a cotton ones. These tips will support maintain the visual equilibrium in the room, along with the temperature equilibrium.


Be it any season or space, plants add life to a room such as no other element can. With their natural colour, plants add vibrancy to a space, and you can even elevate the mood depending on your selection of planters. Not to forget, plants increase air quality!

Large Windows

Now we know you can’t do much about the architecture or façade work of a your building, but it’s a fact that large windows can support in keeping rooms well ventilated. So, no matter what you’re stuck with, open the windows at the correct times of the day to benefit from sunlight while ignoring the harsh ultraviolet rays. Even ignore placing heavy furniture around the windows to promote ventilation.

Blinds And Curtains

  • Utilize sheers to block out unnecessary light and heat, and keep the room cool. Note that sunlight between 12 PM to 4 PM is scorching and is sure to create your space stuffy.

  • If the sun absolutely hurts you, you can go the old school route and choose for cane blinds. These blinds totally block out sun rays which supports bring down the indoor temperature. These do not make a complete black out but dim the mood a bit.

  • Choose for dark solid curtains to assure moderate temperatures in your space. These will keep the heat out and can be adjusted to bring in just the amount of light you want to let in. Several opt for black out curtains to totally block all the light from outside.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

5 Uses Of Apple Cider Vinegar In Your Beauty Routine

5 Uses Of Apple Cider Vinegar In Your Beauty Routine

As A Toner: 

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is an astringent by nature and hence, it creates for a great toner. Easily dilute potent ACV with water in 1:1 ratio and transfer the mix into a spray bottle. You can spitz few on your skin directly or grab a cotton pad for closer application.

As A Scalp Clarifier: 

ACV is packed with an antibacterial and antifungal properties. Further, it even has exfoliative effects. Combining these features creates ACV a perfect cure for dirty scalps that even become breeding points for dandruff and sebum. Either rinse your scalp with the aforementioned mix or easily mix it in your shampoo to mask the peculiar smell.


As An Ingrown Hair Solution: 

With malic acid in it, ACV creates for a great exfoliant. Just such as glycolic acid, you can rub some ACV on your arms and legs; it sloughs away dead skin, detaining ingrown hair and bumps too, if you shave.

As A Spot Treatment: 

Much to your surprise, ACV can even work as a brilliant anti-acne agent. All you require to do is apply few with a Q-tip on the zit and let it do its magic overnight.


As A Hair Softener: 

Besides clarifying your scalp, ACV even has the potential to soften and smoothen your locks considerably. It includes the cuticles nicely and eases the mad texture in curly hair as well.

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